Illegal Voters Back In The News!

I don’t know how the media can — with a straight face — say that voter fraud, felons voting, and non-citizens do not contribute to changing outcomes of elections. We have had Senators put in power with fraudulent counting of felons votes. If this Senator wasn’t in his seat, Obama-Care wouldn’t have passed. We also know that much of the nations voter fraud is committed by Democrats, and thanks to Jill Stein, this was confirmed by a recount of Detroit (as one example). Some votes were counted 6-times!

Dennis Prager interviews John Fund about the recent Press conference with Sean Spicer regarding Trump’s view on his winning the popular vote. This led to discussion of Obama’s lie about the industrialized world. John’s article on this can be found at National Review (Obama’s Final Whopper as President). The other article mentioned by Fund and Prager was this late 2016 article of at the Heritage Foundation (Do Illegal Votes Decide Elections?).

With Al Franken being seated as a Senator due to felon’s ballots being illegally counted… Jill Stein’s recount attempt showing massive voter fraud in heavily Democratic districts, and the studies mentioned in this interview… to say there is no voter fraud is, well, deplorable!

“Crowd Size Controversy Starts With Me” ~ Tom Barrack

Here is my description of the audio:

Hugh Hewitt sets up Tom Barrack’s Sunday “Meet the Press” interview with Chuck Todd and himself. Mr. Barrack is the Chairman of the Inaugural Committee and says that his team was responsible for providing the White House with the crowd numbers.

Not included was Chris Matthews noting how reasonable and intelligent Barrack is and follows that up with saying Trump is the same way in person. Adding that Trump is a great listener as well. Matthews continues to say that the public gets a Trump that everyone who personally has met and knows him does not recognize.

You can watch the fuller interview on MEET THE PRESS.

I wanted to pass on a note I left my friends and readers on my Facebook in regards to Chuck Todd’s interview of Kellyanne Conway, and her statement about facts:

Just to be clear… There are no alternative facts. Facts are just that, facts. They may be warped with presuppositions. A good example would be uranium dating. While we know the general half-life [decay rates] of radioactive material to lead, what is presupposed is that this rate has stayed the same over millions/billions of years and that nothing can change or affect the decay rate. Or, that it started out as pure “radioactive” material with zero led. So this dating method is not a “fact,” like many assume.

Crowd sizes can be closer to an estimated fact. And while I have noted fudged numbers in the past due to political influence… this is not the case if one goes to the best resources.

In other words, the Trump admin SHOULD be hyper sensitive to attaining the BEST possible information before stating it as a factoid.

NOT doing so is feeding red-meat to the wolves. The mainstream press leans a certain way, and in knowing this, the Trump admin. needs to be diligent in their enterprise.

If Trump is going to keep his Twitter (in my estimation a mistake) account, he should try to keep responses on social media to social media attacks while having a more official response to MSM.

Just my two-cents.