Kitzmiller v. Dover ~ Explained!

A must buy documentary is “Revolutionary: Michael Behe & The Mystery of Molecular Machines.” (My first Blu-Ray buy… amazing!) In a recent discussion  the Dover Trial was brought up, then, 3-days later I got the documentary in the mail. Here is the comment that started the convo:

  • They took their best shot in Dover, PA and failed so utterly that ID is locked out of the science the USA.. They have managed to make a good bit of money saying what you love to hear–but they are keeping ID from ever ever being taken for science. Find a better approach and you can potentially prevail but not with these guys-they are a dead end as far as ID is concerned.

And this excerpt from it is the best explanation of the all the issues surrounding the trial and the complete slamming of Ken Miller’s un-scientific response to Michael Behe’s clear elucidations:

Michael Behe & Stephen Meyer Destroy Challenge to Flagellum Motor

The idea that Behe’s flagellum motor has been answered is wishful thinking at best, and corrupt science at it’s worst (scientism: which is an insertion of a metaphysical principle stating things like “the only quantifiable reality known is the one made up of atoms, and, science [thus defined] is the best means to understanding said reality”). Really, then, it is an “evolution-of-the-gaps” type thinking.

Ken Miller’s challenge can be read here;
Responses to it and derivatives to it can be found here.

But as one can see… these giants of I.D. did truly wipe the floor with their critics [full exchange].

By-the-way, all this just got WAY MORE complex. For instance, here is the fast-swimming magnetotactic bacterium MO-1… it has 7-flagellum motors… with counter gears:

Here is a basic animation:


One should see Malcolm Bowden’s presentation on YouTube of the bacterium MO-1 as well.

And NOW even more complex is the fact that quantum mechanics may play a role (unrelated to the DNA or RNA) that folds these proteins into the shape for pieces to the whole of the working part.

God and Evolution: The Problem with Theistic Evolution (Serious Saturday) – Although there are some theistic evolutionists in the Intelligent Design Movement (like Michael Behe and William Dembski) they are not radical like the Neo-Darwinian evolutionists. This video shows the many problems of theistic evolution. (Jay Richards, John G. West, Jonathan Wells, Richard Sternberg, Stephen Meyer)