Montage of Media Parrots from 2000 (Bush/Cheney)

Rush Limbaugh discusses journalistic “parroting” talking points. He takes us back to June of 2000 when “Dubya” announced Dick Cheney as his VP — the montage is from 2:00-to-2:55, and the voices heard in it are listed on Rush’s site as well as belolw. Great stuff, I missed this montage from soo many years ago, even Conan O’Brian used it (January 2014). See more at NEWSBUSTERS.

Here are the montage voices:

  • AL HUNT: He meets all of George W’s weaknesses, lack of gravitas.
  • JUAN WILLIAMS: We see the son, who is seeking some gravitas.
  • CLAIRE SHIPMAN: They were looking at candidates with gravitas.
  • STEVE ROBERTS: But he has the gravitas and you can sum it up in one word, stature.
  • VIC FAZIO: It may go to the gravitas.
  • JEFF GREENFIELD: We’re to use the favorite phrase, gravitas.
  • LESTER HOLT: This is a vice president who brought gravitas.
  • WOLF BLITZER: This will give some gravitas, add some credibility.
  • ED ROLLINS: I think the gravitas that Cheney brought to the ticket.
  • JONATHAN ALTER: What he gets is gravitas, a sense of weight.
  • BOB KERREY: He does not need anybody to give him gravitas.
  • MARGARET CARLSON: It means that, you know, gravitas.
  • MIKE MCCURRY: I think he also needs some gravitas.
  • SAM DONALDSON: To give gravitas.
  • ELEANOR CLIFT: Well, he brings gravitas.
  • WALTER ISAACSON: He does seem to bring some gravitas.
  • AL HUNT: It’s called gravitas.
  • MARK SHIELDS: A little gravitas!
  • JUDY WOODRUFF: You certainly have gravitas tonight.
  • SAM DONALDSON: He displayed tonight a certain gravitas.
  • MARIO CUOMO: I think gravitas is the word. Unfortunately for the Governor, you can’t graft gravitas. … He has gravitas.

Conservative Women Don’t Count ~ Per PBS

Gateway Pundit draws some attention to an issue many know about, especially conservative women. Here is an old AIM article noting this intolerance in the tolerant left:

…A former Stanford grand poobah, classical pianist and Ph.D. in everything international, Rice has an unassailable set of qualifications for her national security role. But, destruction awaits uppity women who don’t toe the feminist line. No matter how she tried to soar, she would be relegated to coach class. No matter what her skills and ability, she was destined to be but a sharecropper in the feminist estate. Condi has conservative cooties.

Political lines have always determined the efficacy of affirmative action programs in presidential Cabinets. Clinton appointees Ron Brown, Mike Espy and Janet Reno made diversity bean counters rejoice. Bush Cabinet members Colin Powell, Rod Paige, Gale Norton, Ann Veneman, Elaine Chao and Condi don’t. Selective affirmative action also applies to U.S. Supreme Court justices. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, a Reagan appointee, didn’t count until she started voting for abortion and began ranting about incorporating Euro kerfuffle into our judicial decisions. Clarence Thomas, a Bush Sr. appointee, has been treated as if he were the cousin who did time for a pyramid scheme involving really expensive lotion and bug spray.

Justice Janice Rogers Brown of the California Supreme Court enjoyed the same type of reception when she was nominated for the federal bench. A conservative black woman, who apparently didn’t get the memo on uniform views for powerful women, Brown was pilloried for acts of treason such as interpreting, not making, the law….

Here is an excerpt from Gateway’s post:

The liberal media was singing the praises of their own as history makers before Thursday night’s Democratic Party presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee hosted by PBS. Articles previewing the debate highlighted the false claim by PBS that the moderator pairing of PBS Newshour co-anchors Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff marked the first time an all-female duo had moderated a presidential debate.


“Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff will bring the same high journalistic standards and integrity to this debate that they bring to the PBS NewsHour every day,” said Sara Just, Executive Producer of the NewsHour and Senior Vice President of WETA. “I’m looking forward to seeing the first all-female moderating team at a presidential debate.”

After Thursday night’s debate the same liberal media started editing headlines and appending corrections to their articles acknowledging that it was Fox, via its Fox Business Network subsidiary, that actually had the first all-female debate moderators–and that it was just a month ago!

Huffington Post: Gwen Ifill And Judy Woodruff Make History As First All-Female Duo To Moderate A Presidential Debate:

  • This article has been updated to note Sandra Smith and Trish Reagan hosted a Republican undercard debate last month.

Time: Here’s How the Democratic Debate Moderators Will Make Major History:

  • “Correction: The original version of this story incorrectly identified Thursday night’s hosts as the first pair of women to host a presidential debate together. Fox Business Network’s Trish Regan and Sandra Smith were the first to do so in a Republican undercard debate on Jan. 14.”

Read the “real story” at Elle magazine: As The First Female Duo To Moderate A Presidential Debate, Sandra Smith And Trish Regan Have Made History