Obamacare Solidified

Had to add this short exchange on my FaceBook. I said: “Trump wants Hillary’s plan for healthcare. So either way it [Obama-care] is getting worse.” To which this reply came:

  • M.H. said: “No he doesn’t. If you like I can help you come to the trump side.”

To which I replied:

…here is his more recent dilliniation of renaming “single-payer” with “heart-payer,” it’ll be INCREDIBLE:

  • “That’s not single payer, by the way. That’s called heart. We gotta take care of people that can’t take care of themselves. But the plans will be much less expensive than Obamacare, they’ll be far better than Obamacare, you’ll get your doctor, you’ll get everything that you want to get. It’ll be unbelievable.”

American Spectator:


If Trump wins in the Hoosier State tomorrow, repeal is a dead letter.

Indiana’s Republican primary is not merely the Cruz campaign’s last chance to stop the Trump juggernaut, it will also determine the ultimate fate of Obamacare. If Trump wins Indiana tomorrow, he will almost certainly win the Republican presidential nomination only to lose the general election to Hillary Clinton, who is committed to preserving the unpopular law. Even if Trump manages to eke out a win in November, he will probably be hobbled by a Democrat-controlled Senate that will kill any Obamacare repeal bill. A vote for Trump in the Hoosier State tomorrow, in other words, is a vote for Obamacare.


In addition to being the most unpopular presidential candidate in decades, he is viewed askance by key demographic groups without whose support no candidate can win. A recent Gallup survey found the following: “Donald Trump’s image among U.S. women tilts strongly negative, with 70% of women holding an unfavorable opinion and 23% a favorable opinion of the Republican front-runner.” Women make up more than half of the electorate — election over.

Which brings us back to Obamacare. Trump can’t repeal the perversely titled “Affordable Care Act” or anything else if he can’t get elected president. And when he loses in a landslide to Hillary Clinton, she will claim a mandate to expand President Obama’s “signature domestic achievement.” In other words, she will make the already intrusive and dysfunctional health “reform” law even worse. Her vision for building on Obamacare’s “successes” involves a soviet-style regulatory regimen that would dictate how insurance companies, drug manufacturers, and care providers operate and what they charge their customers.

Clinton also plans to exhume the dreaded “public option.” According to her campaign website, “Hillary supports a ‘public option’ to reduce costs and broaden the choices of insurance coverage for every American.” This idea was so bad it never made the cut to be included in Obamacare. Even single payer advocates have denounced it. And it gets worse. Clinton also plans to expand Obamacare eligibility to illegal aliens: “She believes we should let families — regardless of immigration status — buy into the Affordable Care Act exchanges. Families who want to purchase health insurance should be able to do so.”

This illustrates the cognitive dissonance that plagues Trump’s supporters. By backing a candidate whom no one believes can win the general election, the very government policies that make them angry will be perpetuated for at least another four years. Trump’s supporters are angry about how Obama and Congress have handled illegal immigration. Yet their candidate will lose badly to a woman who supports amnesty and openly declares that she will make sure illegal aliens receive taxpayer-paid health care. They hate Obamacare, but their candidate will inevitably lose to a woman dedicated to expanding it….

In case you forgot how bad Obamacare is, Life News has this:

Congressional conservatives are taking a stand against the Obama administration’s abortion agenda by blocking one of the president’s Health and Human Services nominees. Until the White House investigates whether California is unlawfully forcing health insurers to cover abortions, Mary Wakefield, the deputy HHS secretary candidate, will have to wait.

The Senate Finance Committee, led by Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-UT), is placing an obstacle before Wakefield – not out of personal animosity, but concern for the right to life and religious freedom in California. A couple of years ago, the state’s department of health mandated that insurers provide coverage for abortions as a “medically necessary procedure.”

As a result, some churches and Catholic institutions were forced to violate their religious beliefs. Pro-life groups like Alliance Defending Freedom and Life Legal Defense Foundation condemned the directive as discriminatory and filed lawsuits against the state’s department of managed health care, but the mandate remains….

The American Experiment Wanes ~ Indiana and Religious Discrimination

Here is the discussion between Henry Salvatori Professor of Law & Community Service at Chapman University Fowler School of Law, John Eastman, and Dennis Prager about the law in Indiana and the failing American experiment:

In the second hour Dennis ruminates on the first hour and the discussion he had with Professor Eastman:

And as a bonus, I isolated Prager admitting that he was wrong and Barry Goldwater was right:

Dennis Prager Tackles Leftist Hysteria Against Indiana Law

I combine a few pieces from two separate hours of his show. Some calls are included that should help in dialogue by providing some analogies. The calls are from 9:55 to 12:26.

The anti-religious Left mob is in action… from Hillary Clinton to the CEO at Apple to the Governor of Connecticut.

For more clear thinking like this from Dennis Prager… I invite you to visit: http://www.dennisprager.com/

The Good and the Bad from Indiana: They Are the 23rd State to Become a Right-to-Work State ~ Awesome! (and, Republicans Fight Against Smoking Law-To No Avail)

This great news comes from Libertarian Republican:

Governor Mitch Daniels signed legislation passed by the Republican-controlled legislature late Wednesday, making Indiana the 23rd state in the nation to have Right-to-Work.

From the Muncie Free-Press”Right to Work the law in Indiana”:

Right to Work is now the law in Indiana, making it the first Rust-Belt state to pass the measure that prohibits labor contracts requiring workers to pay union dues.

…read more…

Smoking law makes its way through their state senate, take note it is the Republicans holding out for freedom (via Libertarian Republican):

The vote on the House side was 61 to 34. Most of the No votes came from Republicans. Here’s a partial list of some Republican Reps. who we know voted pro-liberty: Reps Culver, Dermody, Kubacki (photo), Friend (photo), and Wesco. (Note – Each one of these Reps. from their websites is a “family values” conservative.)

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