Double Mastectomies As Young as 12-Years Old

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  • The research did not look at ‘bottom’ surgeries among minors, which involve removing or modifying youngsters’ sex organs. These procedures are also thought to have risen in recent years. (DAILY MAIL)

The deeper you dig in the dark warrens of adolescent transgender medicine, the more convinced you become that the doctors who operate on young girls are criminal or insane or both.

I know that sounds extreme. But how can a decent person read the bare statistics in a recent article in one of the world’s leading paediatrics journals without feeling rage?

A brief report from four doctors at Vanderbilt University, “Gender-Affirming Chest Reconstruction Among Transgender and Gender-Diverse Adolescents in the US From 2016 to 2019” appeared in JAMA PEDIATRICS earlier this week. It is “the largest investigation to date of gender-affirming chest reconstruction in a pediatric population” to date.

The researchers found that the incidence of “gender-affirming chest reconstruction” surgery for children under 18 – better known as double mastectomies or “top jobs” — increased by 389 percent between 2016 and 2019. (These “chest reconstructions” included some boys who presumably wanted breast implants – but these were only 1.4 percent.)

An estimated 1,130 “top jobs” were performed during those four years on girls as young as 12. What kind of doctor amputates the healthy breasts of a 12-year-old girl?

According to the data, based on the Nationwide Ambulatory Surgery Sample, the Vanderbilt doctors calculated that 5.5 percent of the children were under 14, 21.5 percent under 15, and 56 percent under 16.

It gets worse.

Through the distorted lens of the billion-dollar sex-reassignment surgery industry, “top jobs” might make sense as the last step in the gender-affirmation template. After a gender-dysphoric girl has experimented with living in a male body for months or years, she wants her chest to look masculine. She proceeds through the following steps:

  • I know I’m a boy in a girl’s body.
  • I need social affirmation.
  • I need puberty blockers.
  • I need cross-sex hormones.
  • I need a double mastectomy.

But according to the figures compiled by the Vanderbilt doctors, only 19.9 percent of these girls had hormone therapy before surgery. That means that the overwhelming majority of these young girls – 80.1 percent – had their breasts amputated without attempting to masculinise their bodies.


Amputation without hormone therapy makes no sense even in the Alice in Wonderland universe of transgender medicine. It is sheer mutilation. It is worse than prescribing liposuction for a 12-year-old suffering from anorexia nervosa. Or amputating limbs or severing spinal cords for people suffering from Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Where are the studies which show that “top jobs” alone will solve girls’ gender dysphoria?

Furthermore, more than a third of the girls had been diagnosed with anxiety or depression. (The study fails to mention autism, which is often implicated in gender dysphoria.) What kind of surgeon amputates the breasts of a mentally-ill teenager?


The data in this study are already nearly three years old. How many more girls will be maimed for life by sociopathic surgeons before Americans wake up to this grotesque violation of human rights?


Detransitioned teen, Layla Jane, sues Kaiser Permanente after getting double mastectomy at age 13:

DAILY MAIL has this on Layla Jane (hat-tip GATEWAY PUNDIT):

According to legal papers, Layla experienced moodiness, anxiety, gender confusion and anger issues as a child. At age 11 learned about radical transgender ideology and went online to learn more about the new trend.

She self-diagnosed that she was a boy and believed transitioning would solve her mental health problems.

According to the suit, doctors at the Permanente Medical Group and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals rushed her on to cross-sex hormones and a double mastectomy without properly assessing her mental health problems.

Her evaluations lasted only 30 minutes and 75 minutes, records show.

Legal papers identify the carers as Susanne Watson, a psychiatrist in Oakland, San Francisco-based plastic surgeon Winnie Tong, and Lisa Taylor, a pediatric endocrinologist in Oakland.

They are accused of ‘intentional, malicious, and oppressive concealment of important information and false representations’ that saw Layla pushed into the procedures.

It’s claimed they presented Layla Jane and her parents with a terrifying choice: ‘Would you rather have a live son, or a dead daughter?’ — language that echoes complaints from other detransitioners across the US.

‘These are decisions I will have to live with for the rest of my life,’ Layla said in a statement.

‘I’m ready to join the growing group of detransitioners so that no other child has to go through the torment I went through at the hands of doctors I should have been able to trust.’

In the above video Chloe Cole is mentioned:

Chloe Cole—joined by Harmeet Dhillon who is representing her—talks about suing the doctors who originally transitioned her: “It’s a medical malpractice case. I want to hold the adults who put me in harm’s way accountable.”

Medical Malpractice: Another “Detransition” Story

  • Olson had 68 surgically diminished girls fill out her “novel” scale (which she acknowledged could be bogus) between one and five years after their surgery. Thirty-three of these girls were under 18 at the time of surgery. Two were only 13 years old, and five were only 14. Assuming these mastectomies weren’t all performed by the same very busy surgeon, that means there are multiple doctors out there willing to mutilate underage girls. (FEDERALIST)
  • Although there was a lack of information in the study regarding irreversible sex change procedures on minors, the study found some surgeries, like chest reconstruction, were increasing. Between 2016 and 2019, an estimated 1,130 chest reconstruction surgeries were performed on children under the age of 18, according to the study. (DAILY CALLER)

This is just one example (hat-tip to John Davidson) of the many regarding “pop-medicine” driven by culture (much like lobotomies). It is a fad that harms and destroys lives permanently. (Click graphic to enlarge)

This story is one that compliments my “TRANSGENDER PAGE” — here is a PJ-MEDIA post on the issue (Mar, 2021):

People who formerly identified as transgender and took cross-sex hormones or underwent transgender surgery have later come to regret their transitions and the serious damage they did to their own bodies, urged on by the medical establishment. On March 12, the Detrans day of awareness, these detransitioners have come forward to tell their stories.

“I experienced transition regret. I had injected testosterone for four and a half years, I underwent a double mastectomy, only to very gradually realize over time that I had made a massive mistake and wanted to detransition,” Sinead Watson, one of the organizers of the Twitter campaign #DetransAwarenessDay, said in a YouTube video.

“The people who experience transition regret are subject to an utterly undeserved stigma. We’re very often bullied, and insulted, and silenced whenever we try to share our experiences online, and it’s because people who discuss transition regret are often accused of having our stories and our experiences weaponized to harm our trans brothers and sisters. That’s not what I want,” Watson added.

Watson clarified, “We don’t want to take health care away from trans people. We want the improvement of care for people with gender dysphoria.” She acknowledged that transition has helped many people, but she insisted that “there are also a growing number of people who went through medical transition who deeply regret it, who were harmed by it, physically and mentally, and we deserve the right to talk about our experiences, just as much as someone who doesn’t regret it has a right to talk about their experiences.”

She insisted that people who suffer from transition regret are terrified to speak out because “they will be insulted, they will be laughed at, they will be mocked… they will be told they’re hateful.”

She argued that the medical community pushes medical transition as a one-size-fits-all approach to gender dysphoria (the persistent and painful condition of identifying with the gender opposite one’s biological sex), but not everyone who suffers from gender dysphoria needs medical transition. She suggested there should be a broad array of different treatment options.

Watson partnered with Keira Bell, a 23-year-old woman who was put on experimental so-called “puberty blockers” after having been referred to a British transgender clinic at age 16. Late last year, Britain’s High Court ruled in Bell’s case that young teenagers could not consent to life-altering transgender treatments. The two detransitioners teamed up with Detrans Voices, Detrans Canada, and Post Trans, to support #DeTransAwarenessDay.

“Detrans day of awareness (12th March) was created to raise awareness and break down the stigma around detransition,” Watson, Bell, and the organizations said in a statement. “We want to let other people who have detransitioned know that they are not alone. There is a flourishing community of detransitioned people who are finding peace, healing and fulfillment as they are.”

  • 6 Child Abuse Victims Who Grew to Reject the Transgender ‘Bullsh*t’ (PJ-MEDIA, Sep 2018)

A woman who identifies herself as “Helena,” a 22-year-old “detrans gender apostate,” posted photos of herself before and after her detransition.

“I identified as trans for 5 years, and took testosterone for 17 months. I began detransitioning [in] February 2018. [Transitioning] was a way to cope with my trauma and body hatred. 3 years later i’m thankful to TRULY live authentically, no longer running from myself,” she wrote.

  • Medical Expert: Doctors Are Actually Giving Trans Kids a Disease, and It’s Child Abuse (PJ-MEDIA, Aug 2019)

“I transitioned FtM with testosterone injections and a double-mastectomy,” a detransitioner named Grace shared on Twitter, showing pictures from before and after her detransition. “It was a bandaid for deeper pain, and I regret it. Detransition was humbling and healing for me. I’m so glad to have found hard-won peace and acceptance for myself as a woman.”


New Documentary Coming Out About Transgender Issues

Abigail Shrier tells Tucker Carlson about the increase in young people who identify as transgender

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Social Dysphoria… Great Inner Battle Led To Detransitioning

(RIGHT SCOOP hat-tip) “I haven’t really had an issue with my body, in the sense of wanting to have the female parts to be removed, I was just in general insecure,” she says. “I think I had more social dysphoria than actual gender dysphoria.”