Nets MUTE Dissenting Points of View (Updated)

Andrew Pollack’s daughter was killed in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Kyle Kashuv was a student there. They both have a message that the media does not want you to hear. But on the eve of the March For Our Lives, it is a message that needs to be heard. (Hat-tip to DC CALLER)

NEWSBUSTERS points out the following: “Nets: Parkland Anti-Gun Activists Overwhelm Gun Rights Advocates by 11 to 1

  • CBS handed over the most amount of time (28 minutes, 8 seconds) to anti-gun rights talking heads and guests. The pro-gun rights side was allowed a mere one minute and 30 seconds on CBS’s evening and morning shows.
  • NBC offered 21 minutes and 8 seconds of airtime to gun control activists to just one minute and 37 seconds to Second Amendment supporters. 

Updated via BREITBARTParkland Victim’s Father on Mission to Make Schools Safer… Without Grabbing Guns | Son Blocked from Speaking at D.C. March: ‘Guess He Didn’t Have the Right Agenda’

Before his daughter was shot and killed in her high school, Andrew Pollack was living a simple life in Florida.  

He was semi-retired, worked real-estate on the side, coached lacrosse, ate right, went to the gym twice a day and spent part of the day training his dog and spent time with his kids. 

“I went from blessed to cursed,” he says about the tragic day that his daughter Meadow, a high school senior, was murdered by a psychotic former student who walked into her school with a rifle. Now his life has changed forever, and Pollack is on a mission to make schools safer, but not by marching to demand more gun control. 

Instead, Pollack went to work with Florida state legislatures, met with the Speaker of the House with simple messages, viz; Make our schools safer. Secure our children.

His efforts ended in landmark legislation passing in Florida. 

“I’m like a lion right now, I tell everyone, I’ve got the heart of a lion since my daughter was murdered, I’m been empowered to work 1,000 times harder on getting this done,” he said in an interview with Breitbart News in Washington, DC. 

Pollack traveled to Washington with his family to attend the March for Our Lives, spending the week meeting with Trump’s cabinet members, Members of Congress, and political allies with the same message.

He felt hope after his message was well received in meetings across town, but when his son Hunter was denied a chance to speak at the march, he was frustrated. 

“I guess he didn’t have the right agenda, I don’t know, I’m frustrated,” he said. “When my kid is frustrated, I get frustrated.”


He blames the media for turning every mass shooting into a  gun control issue rather than focusing on the simple task of making the schools more secure. 

“That’s all you hear now … When they start with the gun control, I take it personal, it’s not going to fix the schools,” he said. 

He chooses not to disparage the kids from Parkland, after they rallied at the March for Our Lives, but admits that he feels that the movement got hijacked. 

“This whole march was politicized, you know, but they’re kids, so you can’t really blame them, they’re scared, they think they’re doing the right thing,” he said. 

Pollack was largely apolitical until the 2016 election where he voted for Trump together with his two sons. 

“It was the first time I ever voted,” the 52-year-old says about his vote for President Trump. “Can you imagine where we’d be if Hillary became president?”  

He credits the president for standing up and running for office to fix the country, despite universal opposition from the media. 

“The guy gets bashed every hour of the day,” he said. “I don’t know, I give him credit for doing it, he’s 20 years older than me and he works like a maniac.” …..


Glenn Beck and Crew Discuss the “March for our Lives”

A “dramatic” opener leading into serious discussion about the intentions and groups behind (“dark money”) the march. Some of the videos that Glenn Beck played the audio from can be found in full, here: Some Questions Asked At The “March For Our Lives” Rally | The organizers Tweeted that there were 850,000 people that showed up… but counts were more like 200,000 — AND — A leftist University of Maryland sociologist Dana Fisher conducted a study of the demographics of Saturday’s march in Washington, D.C., and discovered that only less than 10% of those in the crowd were under the age of 18. What this really was was a way for celebrities and others unnamed to donate in anonymity due to the 503(c)(4) status (i.e., “dark money,” I am sure people didn’t want the “Soros” name to pop up in searches) in order to fund leftist causes… and help out the broke Democrat Party ( |