“The Good Wife’ Had More Obama Officials Than Paris Rally” ~ Jake Tapper

Via Lonely Conservative:

Former White House spokesman Jay Carney appeared on CNN to defend the Obama administration’s decision not to send any high ranking officials to the march against terrorism in France over the weekend. It came out today that neither President Obama nor Vice President Biden had much going on, so the administration is using the excuse that security would have been a nightmare. That didn’t fly with CNN’s Jake Tapper, who pointed out that the show “The Good Wife” has more representation from the Obama administration than the Paris march had.

“There may not be any question about the resolve of the United States and the alliance, and as has been pointed out by President Obama, among others, France is the United States of America’s oldest ally,” Tapper said. “But you know who was the first world leader to visit the United States after 9/11? Jacques Chirac went to Washington D.C. and New York City. There is something special about this relationship. Two independent countries, two independent nations born around the same time, with in the same decade. Certainly you’ll grant the point that there’s something wrong when this season’s ‘The Good Wife’ had higher Obama representation, with a cameo from Valerie Jarrett, than this very important rally, perhaps the most important rally in Europe in a generation. And it’s described here as the biggest rally in French history.” (Read More)

12-Cartoonists Gave Their Life For Freedom (Updated)

The AP refused to post any images like this:

Muhammad 2


Other media sites pixelated the image out, her for instance is the Daily Mail:


However, for decades the AP has had this image up and even like it enough to sell a copy of it:

Piss Christ

Here is the The Blaze noting this inconsistency first pointed out via The Washington Examiner:

The Associated Press is coming under fire over its inconsistency in dealing with controversial religious images, after censoring photos that could offend Muslims, while leaving a photo that could offend Christians intact.


“It’s been our policy for years that we refrain from moving deliberately provocative images,” AP spokesman Paul Colford told BuzzFeed.

But the Washington Examiner noted that the Associated Press has long featured Andres Serrano’s “Piss Christ” image, in which Jesus on the cross is immersed in the photographer’s urine. After the “Piss Christ” image drew attention online, the AP pulled it from its database.

Unfortunately the AP got it backwards. They should have posted this for sale right along the piss christ::

Moonbattery notes this:

As Zombie reminds us, the point of terrorizing Charlie Hedbo was to impose sharia law. Muslims can silence one publication, and they can easily silence their liberal media enablers, but they can’t silence the whole Internet.

Do your part to defend Western Civilization by disseminating pictures Muslims don’t like far and wide, by blog, social media, email, pony express, or whatever means you have.

But where to get the pictures? Easy.

The Mohammed Image Archive, which I have hosted at zombietime since the day of the original “Mohammed cartoon crisis” back in May of 2006, has not only a full collection of the original cartoons, but more importantly the largest collection of Mohammed imagery ever assembled in the history of the world.

  • After the Examiner piece published, the AP apparently took down the “Piss Christ”purchase link.
  • UPDATE: From the AP, you can still purchase a painting of the Virgin Mary decorated with elephant feces. <— That is now down as well.

CNN still has it’s up even though Breitbart has noted the following:

Politico has obtained an email from CNN senior editorial director Richard Griffiths that tells staffers that the Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoons are not to be shown on any CNN platform. “Although we are not at this time showing the Charlie Hebdo cartoons of the Prophet considered offensive by many Muslims,” Griffith writes, “platforms are encouraged to verbally describe the cartoons in detail.”

What can be found big as life at CNN’s website are numerous photos of “Piss Christ.” On top of the photo embedded above, this was sent to me from a Twitter follower.



The Left Is Bankrupt! The Latest Terror Attacks Show This

Liberalism blinds people to real evil.

Kohn Crazy

Here is Gay Patriots response to the above:

In response to this morning’s Mohammedan terror attack, Leftist Lesbian Media Person Sally Kohn asserts that Islamic terror is just as bad as Christian and Jewish terror.

Excuse me, sir… *what* Jewish and Christian terror are you referring to? Are the MFM in a huge conspiracy to cover up how militant Latter Day Saints have been firebombing performances of The Book of Mormon? Because I certainly did not hear anything about that.  Nor have I heard anything about Roman Catholics going on rampages because “edgy” artists get taxpayer grants to defile Christian iconography.

The truth is, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and so forth do not systematically commit terroristic acts in retribution for alleged “offenses” to their religious sensibilities. They simply don’t. Nor are rare and isolated acts of violence condoned by the leaders of those sects.  But leftists are so fully invested in the dogma that Christianity is evil and intolerant, and Western Civilization is evil and intolerant, and Mohammedans are fellow victims of this oppression … they simply have to generate more lies to maintain the narrative; even if it requires total denial of reality.

But liberalism warps the logical mind. When one bases big decisions on emotive reasoning, such think such as the following is par-for-the-course:

 Another example is this latest one from the past Chair of the Democratic Party:

Idiot Democrats (Breitbart):

“You know, this is a chronic problem,” Dean said. “I stopped calling these people Muslim terrorists. They’re about as Muslim as I am. I mean, they have no respect for whatever anybody else’s life. That’s not what the Koran says. You know, Europe has an enormous radical problem. I think ISIS is a cult, not an Islamist cult. I think it’s a cult. I think you got to deal with these people.”

Here are some other PC headlines from around the world:

As usual the left leaning media will not blame Islam but instead free-speech and the West.