Sen. Leahy Not Fit: Witness, Juror and Judge in Trump’s Trial

The reason I am posting this is for the visitor to watch Senator Leahy being almost completely led by his aid… the entire video can be watched at BREITBART without a moniker blocking the action… likewise, the below 2-short videos highlight the endcaps that are most worth watching. You will see as judge, he is not fit.

As an aside, Judge Roberts said he would not preside over the trial… BECAUSE he doesn’t have jurisdiction — because Trump is not President any longer. So Senator Leahy is presiding over the trial while also serving as a juror–and a witness, since he is a senator and was there on Jan. 6–meaning that a Democrat senator and political opponent of the accused, Trump, is serving as judge, jury, and witness in a trial (Ibid). A NEW YORK TIMES headline sums up this travesty of justice: Trifecta of Roles for Leahy: Witness, Juror and Judge in Trump’s Trial

A friend noted after watching the recommended parts,

  • “Seems like leading him to say things would be a violation of rules. Why isn’t that woman sitting up there?” 

To which I responded,

  • “I think most of what they are doing is exactly that.”


Senator Mike Lee said that “statements were attributed to me” by the Democrat House impeachment managers and they “are not true and I asked that you strike them,” during the impeachment trial on 2/10/2021.


Wednesday’s session of the impeachment trial of former president Donald Trump has concluded, ending with an objection from Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee. House Democrats have agreed to strike some of their impeachment prosecution comments after the objection.

[Watch his aid even tell him to gavel out of session]