Richard Dawkins Is 30-Years Behind The Curve

This is with a hat-tip to Denyse O’Leary who notes this about UD’s post: “Is The Selfish Gene holding back medicine and cancer cures?” UNCOMMON DISSENT has the following:

LIVE DEBATE Oxford professor Denis Noble locked horns with Richard Dawkins in June at the How the Light Gets In UK conference. Is The Selfish Gene holding back medicine and cancer cures? The world’s most incendiary evolutionary biologist asks if we need to rethink DNA.

The debate was both cordial and revealing. One thing that is quite clear from this debate is that Dawkins’ knowledge of biology and genetics lags 20-30 years behind current research.

Denis Noble Debates Richard Dawkins (full video)” at Evolution 2 (December 22, 2022)

Before I get to a comment from UD’s post, I must recommend an old post of mine: What is a Gene? (Denis Noble vs. neo-Darwinism). Okay, enough self puffery… here is a good comment via Martin_r

February 6, 2023 at 7:59 am

I watched this debate few weeks ago at Perry Marshall page […] some user commented as follows:

  • Dawkins really did get blindsided towards the end. When he asked “how many generations?” It was a dead giveaway. The only test of Darwinian evolution is that a genetic change lasts and alters the population frequency. But the population frequency is affected by the lasting genetic change. Noble has to be right… the cell utilizes the gene…not the gene the cell. There is no preferred biological frame of reference. It’s systems within systems within systems. All interdependent and all intimately involved in the cell’s informatics.

to which Perry Marshall replied as follows:

  • Yes sir. And, not on this video, there was some audience Q&A at the end where Dawkins was even more puzzled. Dawkins fans in the audience were incredulous that he fared so poorly.

Of course this would be a good time for a FLASHBACK: