What is a Gene? (Denis Noble vs. neo-Darwinism)

The larger, original file, can be found here and is well worth the watch if this subject intrigues you. I wanted to isolate how Denis Noble defines “what a gene is”? To wit, a great question starts out the above video — and as science advances, the neo-Darwinian model weakens immensely. See Dr. Noble’s lecture on this:

I do wish to add that biology… our physiology really, is also made via influences on the quantum level. ALL THIS is to say that the simplistic view of “gene to organism” is a lagging theory NOT based in current science… AND, it makes the irreducible complexity issue worse for the naturalist. For further reading on the newer field of “quantum biology,” see my post HERE. May I also note that my professor of apologetics WAAAY back in 2007 was noting this in his class. I bemoaned him then, but “bow down” to his foresight now.