Rich and Greedy Republicans Influencing Politics

This should be read with this post: The Democratic Party Are Run By Old, Rich, White (Obstructionist) Men

Mind you, below is dated material… THAT BEING SAID, this information was current at the time the mantra was spoken to me and so shows the lack of depth in people relating truth in general conversation.

(A conversation from 2004 at a buddies wedding weekend)

I wanted to isolate a previous discussion and get some of your input on us “greedy conservatives.”  The only reason I bring this up is that while playing golf in Vegas I got into a discussion with one of the caddies about politics and faith.  The conversation started out very interestingly though.  Democrats/Liberals place a lot of emphasis on feelings in their anti-Bush diatribe.

This elderly caddy – maybe in his mid-fifties – said he wouldn’t vote for bush because his wife worked for the phone company making good money for fifteen-years.  She lost her job and is now a receptionist for a Veterinarian.  He said,

  • I won’t vote for that %@#&* because my wife isn’t making any money!!” 

I pointed out, politely, so as to not make him explode, that it is not Bush’s fault that his wife does not have a degree or a specialty that can get them by in these lean times.  He realized that his wife’s life choices put them in the spot their in, not Bush (with a little coaxing from me of course).  So I explained some of the following during our conversation, passerby’s stopping and patting me on the back for such a great example of conservatisms’ values at work.349px-ElectoralCollege2000.svg

If you can remember back to the 2000 election here in the U. S. and the blue state,” “red state” scenario of which state voted for Gore and which voted for Bush, I’m sure you do, even if another country. Once in awhile stats are done to see which part of the country (which states in fact) give more to charity per-capita than other states. Do you know which of the top twenty states gives the most to charity? You got it, Bush country!

Every single one of the red states in that top-twenty are the middle-income fly-over states. Guess how many red-states got the lower twenty of giving? Two. Eighteen States that were in the lowest “giving ratio” to charity were Gore states. This is even more interesting with a few recent poles. Just under 66% of republicans go to church regularly, and a third of them go every week. Just fewer than 66% of democrats do not even go to church at all. DRAT those nasty religious / conservatives!

New Stat that I am adding to my arguments by the way:

Only one of the top 25 donors to political 527 groups has given to a conservative organization, shedding further light on the huge disparity between Democrats and Republicans in this new fund-raising area.

The top three 527 donors so far in the 2004 election cycle – Hollywood producer Steven Bing, Progressive Corp. chairman Peter Lewis and financier George Soros – have combined to give nearly $24 million to prominent liberal groups. They include Joint Victory Campaign 2004, America Coming Together and

Dems the richest five senators? Financial statements revealed the five richest members of the United States Senate are Democrats. The annual disclosure allows senators to represent their net worth inside a broad range.

Presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) is far ahead of his colleagues with $163 million, most of it coming from his wife’s inheritance of the Heinz fortune. The actual estimate is over $400 million. Lagging behind is Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI) at $111 million. The Wisconsin senator’s family owns a department store chain. Sen. John “Jay” Rockefeller (D-WV) comes in third with a personal fortune reported to be $81 million.

Former Goldman Sachs chairman Sen. John Corzine (D-NJ) weighs in at $71 million, with Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) rounding out the top five at $26.3 million.  Sen. Peter Fitzgerald (R-IL) breaks the string of Democrat multimillionaires in sixth place at $26.1 million. Sens. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), Bill Frist (R-TN), John Edwards (D-NC), and Edward Kennedy (D-MA) complete the top ten.

Democrats are 10 of the top 15 richest senators.

(Free Republic)

(More Recently We Have This)

BAM Campaign Finance

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UPDATED via Politico:

Democrats love to cast Republicans as the party of big money, beholden to the out-of-touch billionaires bankrolling their campaigns.

But new numbers tell a very different story — one in which Democrats are actually raising more big money than their adversaries.

Among the groups reporting the biggest political ad spending, the 15 top Democrat-aligned committees have outraised the 15 top Republican ones $453 million to $289 million in the 2014 cycle, according to a POLITICO analysis of the most recent Federal Election Commission reports, including those filed over the weekend — which cover through the end of last month.

The analysis shows the fundraising edge widening in August, when the Democratic groups pulled in more than twice as much as their GOP counterparts — $51 million to $21 million. That’s thanks to a spike in massive checks from increasingly energized labor unions and liberal billionaires like Tom Steyer and Fred Eychaner.

So, even as Democrats like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are working methodically to turn conservative megadonors like the big-giving conservative billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch into the boogeymen of 2014, the party itself is increasingly relying on its deepest pockets as the best chance of staving off a midterm wipeout forecast by oddsmakers.

For example, Steyer, a retired San Francisco hedge fund billionaire, on Aug. 15 stroked a $15 million check to his own NextGen Climate Action super PAC that single-handedly exceeded the combined monthly total raised by the two GOP congressional campaign committees. And his political lieutenant, Chris Lehane, hinted that Steyer, one of the biggest individual donors of 2014, may give more to his super PAC than his $50 million pledge, which Lehane said “should not be seen as a ceiling.” Steyer’s spending — and that of other Democratic billionaires — has helped fuel an advertising gap favoring the party’s candidates in key races across the country….

More info at FEC linked in graph at top. See — Democrats Outpacing Republicans in Spending on Political Ads

  • PBS notes that the “wealthiest Americans have spent more money than ever before on these midterms, but there are actually fewer big donors. The top five donors to unrestricted super PACs reads like a billionaire boys club.”

The top-five out of the ten are donating to Democrat “causes.” What is the lesson here? Money doesn’t matter! Here is the NYT’S ASSESSMENT of outside groups:

…Outside groups working on behalf of Democratic candidates have extended the advantage. Super PACs, environmental organizations and abortion rights groups have spent more than $4.8 million on ground activity in Senate races in Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan and North Carolina. Republican-leaning groups have kicked in only $369,000…

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And if you look at the total donations given in all cycles, you see dark and light blue dominating politics in the TOP-50 money-shakers (see below). Unions are the biggest giver to politics, and almost all of them give to Democrats — they even take due from their Republican members and line Democratic pockets with this cash!

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