PolitiFact Covers Up For Their Dear Leaders

Well, POLITIFACT has circled the wagons for their Party’s Dear Leader… hat-tip to TWITCHY

Before getting to the response to the above… here is a bit from a somewhat related topic — that is — the distrust of the vaccines in the Black and Latino communities via PJ-MEDIA:

….study called “Coronavirus Vaccine Hesitancy in Black and Latinx Communities” shows that a mere 14% of black people believe the vaccines are safe. Duly elected communists Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo are struggling to get minority New Yorkers to vaccinate. Here’s a hint: Stop using the word “Latinx.” Latinos (for you white libs, that means people of Latin American descent) hate the word. Even more, they hate white people making up words for them. Stop it.


How does the left get black folks to get the vax shots? I’m no marketing wizard, but perhaps they should stop pandering. Whatever they do, I hope they don’t use stupid, urban marketing rhymes.

Oops, too late. …..

Free tickets to Lincoln Center?

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens?

Come on komrade de Blasio, know your crowd!Look at what Andrew “Pander” Cuomo came up with exactly two weeks later:…

a free scratch-off ticket with every shot, and another ridiculous rhyme

offers of not only scratch-off tickets but greasy food, booze, money, and weed. Bugs Bunny cartoons have been canceled for less offensive cliches….

The New England Journal of Medicine (that would be science) suggests marketing over pandering, lotteries, free beer, or fishing licenses,

[Editor’s Note: LOL]

ALDOUS HUXLEY’S GHOST has a great response to the idea of PolitiFact denying the truth:

Again, who is not vaxxing…