Is Obama a Jobs President? Dissecting a White House Graph

A friend showed this graphic to me and I uploaded a response to it by Larry Elder for him. And another acquaintance of mine on FaceBook also responded to the above graph, I will include his commentary as well. Enjoy the excoriation of a White House graph/talking point. Here is what my friend said — sarcastically — with the graphic.:

  • You can’t argue with statistics Sean… Obama the job creator!

Firstly, you underestimate my ability Scott H. Secondly, job growth IS good… but it is how you define “is” and “good.” Did Obama stifle majorly what our engine of the free market is capable of? There are two link below that are worth taking some time rummaging through… especially Amity’s work:

From the video description of the above video:

Larry Elder talks about the harm in having government meddle in the recovery of our free-market systems. Other topics on this from history can be found here:

✦ Uncommon Knowledge: The Great Depression with Amity Shlaes (;
✦ The History of Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression (

For more clear thinking like this from Larry Elder… I invite you to visit:

And here is some input from Brian C.

Scott says you cannot argue with statistics, oh yes I can! You can make statistics say anything you want! That is what Obama does with the jobs numbers and the GDP! Sean those numbers are not the real job numbers. Those are the fixed job numbers that politicians use to make themselves look good, when in fact they are crappy! In fact, every month we have been loosing jobs. They do not count the people who lost their job or left the work force in those numbers. Last month they reported a net loss of over 100,000 jobs in the private sector. We have been loosing around that and more since Obama took office. That is why the number of people working has gone down every year since Obama took office! This is why we have record number of people on the government dole! There have been jobs created but when you take the jobs that have been lost, it is a net loss! Obama is a private sector job destroyer! Even the jobs that are created are mostly low paying jobs! These are the things liberals and the news media will not tell you!

Just wanted to give the reader a few avenues in responding to the above propaganda.