Fauci and Walensky Bow To Science (Finally)

The reason I believe they admit these two facts that conservatives have been saying for over a year is that [coupled with the shorter isolation time-period] the Biden Administration is trying to make the cyclical spread of Covid (which moves just like the flu) in the blue states not seem as bad as when Florida had it. So the press bemoaned Florida and DeSantis when they had a supposed 25% of the nations cases. (See CLASH DAILY for newest statement conservatives have known since the beginning) Well, New York has almost 30% now. (See PJ-MEDIA for comparison). So bowing to keeping the economy going and not continually piss people off is the rational, which should have been the thinking to begin with (DAILY WIRE | NEW YORK POST). We know Fauci lies, and in fact, Hugh Hewitt points this out well in his challenge to Dr. Fauci retiring from his debacle [since HIV days] (100% FED-UP). Indeed, why can’t Dr. Fauci stop lying? (RED STATE)

This “Faucism” applies to adults as well… work injuries, appendix issues, etc.


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