Energy Weapon Conspiracies | Maui Fire

The conspiracy nuts are out in full force [see pics] regarding the government starting fires [now all the rave in the Maui fire] by “energy weapons.” To one Tweet about the burned out cars aspect of conspiracists ….


…. I responded:

  • I see burned out cars on the 405 that fire fighters don’t get to in time — because of traffic — that look the same. Alternatively, some person can believe multi-billion energy weapons were used to target each car. Lol. I say each car because the [now] famous “blue car” among conspiratorialists — survived.

Maybe the guy firing these weapons has an affinity to blue? Or, it reminds him of his first car? Either way, a Ghost Ship would have to be circling a long time, or multiple satellites would have to be used. Many in fact. Which makes zero sense.


Another post was of a video of an electrical arch down a powerline ripped from context.

So again I noted:

  • The military is using multi-billion $$ energy weapons to target a…. a …. 40-foot length of powerline? Lol.

Later in the day the Twitter – or X? – community pointed out that the video was from 4-years earlier in Louisianan and not Maui saying this was proof of energy weapons. The original video, as well as more debunking of the above can be found HERE.


A person simply responded to one of my comments with a picture from the Tubbs Fire that seemed to prove their unstated “energy weapon” position.

So, I responded with a pic from a forum convo via a great website called META BUNK discussing the conspiracies surrounding the Tubbs Fire.

  • As an aside, my mom believed this about the Santa Rosa, “Tubbs Fire,” God rest her soul. She would have been calling about this Maui Fire for sure. All the same tropes: the blue car, the trees not burnt, some buildings skipped by fire, and the like. 

In similar fashion to debunking an aspect of the “Chemtrails” nonsense, which is merely to include pics from before “Chemtrail” knowledge was available. [The picture to the right is from WWII, Battle of the Philippine Sea, June 1944.]

Likewise, in response to the Tubbs Fire picture, I include a picture from the 1961 Bel-Air/Brentwood Fire with the question,

  • Did they have ‘energy weapons’ in 1961?

(Click on the image for a larger Bel-Air pic)

The L.A. TIMES noted of the fire many years later:

The two-day Bel Air/Brentwood brush fire destroyed nearly 500 homes, but no lives were lost. The fire damaged or destroyed several homes belonging to Hollywood celebrities.

In 2006, Los Angeles Times writer Cecilia Rasmussen wrote:

Among the most notorious California wildfires, the Bel-Air/Brentwood fire began in a trash heap…..a blaze that left hundreds of the rich and famous homeless in what LIFE magazine called ‘A Tragedy Trimmed in Mink’ and prompted brush clearance laws and an eventual city ban on wood shingle roofs.

On a warm November morning in 1961, a Sherman Oaks construction crew, working just north of Bel-Air, noticed smoke and flames coming from a nearby pile of rubbish. Within minutes, Santa Ana winds swept burning embers from roof to roof, spreading fire across the affluent enclaves of the Santa Monica Mountains. …

Actor Burt Lancaster, comedian Joe E. Brown, composer Lukas Foss, Nobel laureate chemist Willard Libby and Zsa Zsa Gabor lost homes.

The above photo by George Fry appeared on the front page of the Nov. 7, 1961, Los Angeles Times. This image and several others were recently scanned from the original negatives. An older version of this post was published Nov. 7, 2010.