Dr. Eric Coomer – How To Change Votes (UPDATED)

IN CASE YOU DON’T KNOW: Dr. Coomer, for those that do not know, is on the Board of Dominion and a lead engineer there. He is also a radical Antifa guy who posts “ACAB” and other anti-police slurs on his social media. And when asked by a friend about Trump, Dr. Coomer said: don’t worry, he won’t win, I’ve taken care of that. (100% FED-UP)

See my YT UPLOAD which included Dr. Coomer saying they do not do updates unless a full reauthorization happens… yet…

  • A software update made 12-days before voting began in Georgia was not adequately tested for security issues nor was it recertified by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. Why? Because infamous Dominion Voting Systems executive Eric Coomer claimed the change was “minor” and did not require recertification. (NOQ REPORT)

In this video, Eric Coomer, the Dominion Exec who allegedly told an Antifa member on a conference call that Trump wouldn’t win, and he would make F—In Sure Of That, is explaining at a conference in Chicago in 2017 that “adjudication teams” are able to make alterations in the Dominion system, if they feel there was an issue with the voter’s intent. And he explains how it’s done. (Also watch on TWITTER)