Carl Jackson Interviews Walt Heyer (Transgenderism)

Gender dysphoria is about identity, not sexual orientation.” Walt Heyer’s transgender journey began as early as 4 yrs old when his grandmother psychologically abused him by cross-dressing him as a girl. Later, Walt would be sexually molested by an uncle. These traumas led to Walt’s gender confusion. Although he married and had two children with his wife in his 20s, he eventually left them behind and received cross-sex hormones and had sex change genital surgery. Walt lived as a woman for 8 years but never felt whole. Later he detransitioned. Today, he’s committed to helping trans people that have been lied to and mutilated by doctors, therapist and big pharma, to identify the trauma that caused them to question their true identity in the first place.

I have a page dealing well with and provides links to Walt’s site: TRANSGENDERISM