A Jewish Crisis Pregnancy Center Is Editorialized in the Washington Post

(March for Life – 2008 [poster from event below])

Newsbusters has this story about the only Crisis Pregnancy Center geared towards the Jewish faith.

On Saturday, the Washington Post’s religion page inside the Metro section highlighted a pro-life cause: what may be the only Jewish crisis-pregnancy center in the country, Erica Pelman’s group In Shifra’s Arms (ISA). Debra Rubin’s story for the Religion News Service relayed both sides and noted both Jewish law and Jewish public opinion. Liberal rabbis have railed against ISA, even for using the term “baby” instead of “fetus.

Rabbi Peter Stein of Temple Sinai in Cranston, R.I., is among ISA’s detractors, criticizing the group for its use of the term “your baby,” rather than the medical term “fetus.” That’s too narrow a perspective of Jewish law, he said.

“It doesn’t seem to recognize the challenges and reasons why some women would choose to end an unwanted pregnancy,” said Stein, who’s active in the Washington-based Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. He and others point to an ISA link to an abortion information page provided by the traditionalist group Aish HaTorah, which Rabbi Bonnie Margulis (who also is affiliated with RCRC) describes as an organization that “tries to convince non-Orthodox to become Orthodox.”

Aren’t liberals funny? It’s controversial to try to talk someone into keeping a baby, or getting more conservative in your approach to God. But advocate for abortion, or homosexuality, and try to tear conservatives away from ancient moral tradition? That’s apparently just another day at the synagogue.

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Margaret Sanger still a eugenicist in 1957: