A Dog`s Tale ~ A Sad One


Imagine you’re fishing in your kayak, and instead of reeling in a fish, you end up with a dog. That’s exactly what happened to one Tampa-area kayaker on Saturday afternoon, in a story that is both incredible and tragic.

As the man was fishing, he saw the dog — named Barney — swimming to his kayak. He eventually scooped him up and took him to a local vet. It just so happened that he had a camera rolling during the whole incident:

But the story doesn’t end there. The kayaker, who was baffled as to how and why  Barney — who swam about a half-mile — got to him, then learned the tragic news. CBSTampa.com explains:

The man brought Barney to a local vet, who used a tracking chip implanted in him to discover his owner was Donna L. Chen, who was struck by a Nissan Altima and died moments before.

Florida Highway Patrol said Blake Talman, 22, was fleeing from an earlier crash in his Nissan Altima northbound on SR-758 when he struck Chen and Barney.

The two were jogging north on SR-758 when Talman allegedly failed to navigate a left curve causing him to leave the roadway and strike a metal pole before hitting Chen and a street sign. Chen was knocked from the sidewalk into the center of the road, reports indicate.

Barney took off, though there is no mention of him in the report.

From the video description:

UPDATE: the mystery is solved. However, it’s very sad and unfortunate:


The accident scene was about a mile from where I found Barney swimming. Our guess is that he was so freaked out and traumatized that he just wanted to get as far away from there as possible. And when he ran out of land, he took to the water. I feel lucky that I was there fishing, because there was no place for him to go and I don’t know if he could have made it much farther. He’s banged up, but fine. Our hearts go out to the family who lost their mother.