Wisconsins Judge That Temporarily Blocked The Union Bargaining Bill

Please visit and follow the links of these two bloggers…. they did a bang-up job of uncovering some info that NewsBusters passes on:

Cindy at Fairly Conservative and Mary at FreedomEden broke this story yesterday. RedState, Gateway Pundit, and Doug Ross, among others, have helped promulgate it. I’d rate the odds of the establishment press doing anything with the information at nearly zero.

I have a potential tidbit to add.

FreedomEden’s Mary writes: “Jake Sinderbrand, son of Judge Maryann Sumi, poses a bit of a problem for his mother.” Sumi is the county judge who on Friday temporarily blocked implementation of the collective bargaining-related law passed by the Wisconsin legislature and signed by Governor Scott Walker.

Why that matters is after the jump.

You see, Jake Sinderbrand is “a former field manager with the AFL-CIO and data manager for the SEIU State Council.” Both organizations have members who are employed in Wisconsin’s public sector.

That’s already a pretty clear conflict of interest, one would think. My tidbit may add more fuel to the fire.

Maryann Sumi’s husband/partner, as evidenced here and elsewhere, is Carl Sinderbrand (who, as a side note, is also Chairman of the environmental advocacy group Clean Wisconsin).

Visiting web directories (I’m not providing a link lest one accuse me of violating privacy, even thoug Wisconsin lefties do not have a track record of similar respect), one finds that one of Carl Sinderbrand’s three listed physical addresses is the same as Jake Sinderbrand’s; the other two appear to be office building suites. I could not find a web directory physical address for Maryann Sumi, but if she lives in the same home as Carl, it would appear that she also lives in the same home as Jake. This would compound the level of conflicted interests.

Jake’s Facebook page, which reveals that he “worked at Left Field Strategies (Campaign Consultant/Field Strategist),” is a lefty shrine, including a mock-up of Governor Walker as a “Dope,” a sarcastic take-off on the Obama “Hope” picture so popular two years ago:

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