What’s Behind it all? God, Science and the Universe

A post appeared on an I.D. Facebook group with this introduction:

Given the fact that he is a staunch Darwinist who fully accepts the basic tenets of the mainstream theory of evolution, you might expect Larry Moran (who, after all, did coin the derisive term “IDiots” in reference to Intelligent Design proponents) to have nothing but sneering contempt for Stephen Meyer.

Turns out, however, he met Stephen Meyer and the two got along surprisingly well, despite their deep ideological divide.

I went to the Moran’s blog and wanted to post his thoughts on Lawrence Krauss:

  • Krauss tried to hammer Meyer on the “ID is not science” issue using quotes from a judge based on things said by lawyers in the Dover trial….. Lawrence Krauss is an expert on cosmology but he’s very weak on biology. I know it’s common for physicists to think they are experts in everything but that’s just not true. It was demonstrated in last night’s debate.