Trans Women Should Be Legally Treated as Women | UC Berkeley

Christopher Hitchens was my favorite atheist, I have to say Peter Boghossian is now in the #1 spot

Discussion abounds regarding the definition of “woman,” often focused on social and emotional factors of womanhood. This claim at the University of California Berkeley raises the stakes: “Trans women should be legally treated as women.”

One woman, a molecular geneticist, strongly disagrees with the claim, while another woman, an aspiring molecular geneticist, agrees. The third participant, a man, initially stands on the “disagree” line but recalibrates his confidence toward the end of the conversation.

Participants discuss how gender identity should be handled in hospitals, prisons, and legal identification documents (like driver’s licenses). The safety of biological women is a major point of consideration.

This conversation was filmed at UC Berkeley on April 19, 2022.