Tomi Lahren Interviews Marc Morano About Temperature Fudging

What would it take to convince us crazy, conservative, “climate deniers” that global warming is, in fact, causing a man-made apocalypse? Well Hmmmm, maybe you “scientists” could stop lying about it.

I have been waiting for the following information to explain the below graph more thoroughly:

1. The Mean Global Temperature has been stable since 1997, despite a continuous increase of the CO2 content of the air: how could one say that the increase of the CO2 content of the air is the cause of the increase of the temperature? (discussion: p. 4)

2. 57% of the cumulative anthropic emissions since the beginning of the Industrial revolution have been emitted since 1997, but the temperature has been stable. How to uphold that anthropic CO2 emissions (or anthropic cumulative emissions) cause an increase of the Mean Global Temperature?

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