The American Way: Slave Labor Used for Failed Solar Energy Alternatives

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The bottom line of this post is, “we need more slaves!” … wait… what? What is the REAL MAIN POINT?

ECON 101!

The following  is merely a combination of an excellent video excerpt found at AMERICA UNCOVERED  with the recent hail storm that destroyed around 14,000 solar panels (see NO TRICK ZONE) with another excerpt of an upload of “my own”: Giga Factories vs. Fossil Fuels

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Huge Nebraska Solar Park Completely Smashed to Pieces by One Single Hailstorm!

….The disaster underscores once again just how vulnerable to the forces of nature solar energy parks are. The system’s 25-year expected lifetime was cut to down to less than 4 years, and makes you wonder if setting up such weather-vulnerable plants make any sense at all.

Dreams vs reality

“This project will help the city achieve its goal to reduce our carbon footprint and stabilize city costs for the next 25 years,” said Nathan D. Johnson, City Manager, City of Scottsbluff.  “Through projects like this, we hope to offer an affordable ‘green’ option to our residents, both residential and commercial, to reap the benefits as well.”

That was the dream. A couple of days ago we witnessed the reality.

Now residents will surely have to rely on good old, reliable fossil fuel power to keep the electricity flowing.

And how long will it take to clean up the toxic mess left behind?

Paving the Road to Net-Zero

…..The installation in the photo is a 5.2 MW solar farm, destroyed in a heartbeat by a hailstorm … “cheap electricity” they said …

The best parts of the article are the comments of the manager:

“Kevin Spencer, Scottsbluff city manager, told Cowboy State Daily the Nebraska Public Power District, which owns the solar farm, is still assessing the damage, but it’s going to need some repairs.”

“Gonna need some repairs”? Ya think?

But it gets better:

“He said he was previously told the panels were hail-proof, but that might have meant hail up to a certain size.”

Ya think?

Oh, yeah, one more beautiful detail.

“The Federal Emergency Management Agency ranks this area in its the highest category for hail risk on the national index.”

Is there a Darwin Award for suicidal climate projects?


Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #558

(The part on WIND POWER)

Wind Fails Texas Again

By Bill Peacock, Master Resource, June 26, 2023

Still Waiting For The Magical Future Of Free Wind Power

By Francis Menton, Manhattan Contrarian, June 26, 2023

  • “In the short run, don’t expect the climate doom cult to walk away from any of their grand plans. The immediate answer will be more, and still more government subsidies to keep the wind power dream alive. But at some point, this becomes, as they say, unsustainable.”

Offshore Windfarms Threaten To Pull Out Of Uneconomical Contracts

By Paul Homewood, Not a Lot of People Know That, June 24, 2023

“Yet again we see this silly comment by the Telegraph about a global race to net zero. This is the pathetic nonsense spouted by the increasingly irrelevant Jeremy Warner and Ben Marlow.

“There is of course no such race, which implies that there is some sort of reward for those countries jumping off the clifftop first! On the contrary, most of the world is quite happy to let Britain, the EU and US continue with the madness, while they make themselves richer with the help of fossil fuels.”

Siemens Energy stocks fall 36% — turbines are degrading faster than expected

By Jo Nova, Her Blog, June 26, 2023

Comment from David Maddison: “Despite the wind being free, collecting it appears to cost a fortune. Just ask any sailboat owner!”

Offshore wind is a terrible way to reduce CO2 emissions

By David Wojick, CFACT, June 26th, 2023