A Caller Discusses His Faith, Pornography, and Shame

This is the second time I have uploaded a call from the show… and again, I was on my way to grab coffee for the wife and heard this call. I am not a fan of the show… I think it is borderline blasphemous; but was listening to him (Neil Saavedra, AKA, “Jesus Christ”) on the way to get coffee for the wife while she was studying. Again, I enjoyed the call. BUT KNOW that a dude who responds like Jesus, is, …well… creepy ~ and again ~ borderline blasphemous in my mind.

Shame, The Holy, and Pornography ~ Men, Listen Up

Ravi Zacharias does a great job in explaining what pornography does to shame, the Holy, and the insatiable fire of not being able to satisfy men’s archetype they build in their minds eye. (Posted by: Religio-Political Talk) One of the best, relatable parts of this larger video that will help explain to men who struggle with the Holy what they are doing, and that is, they are desensitizing themselves to detect shame. Which our society needs a good dose of.