Debating Mulsim Treatment in the U.K.

From video description:

During this debate, there is an appearance by Amandla Thomas-Johnson, a representative from the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS). As he was peddling his lies & victim status to a gullible audience at home, he neglected to mention what he and his Islamist organization actually believes and promotes:

Another participant (Chris Allen) plays the “Islamophobia” card, as he’s written a book about this non-existent phenomena, and he also praises a statement by Muslim groups on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 released yesterday. Unfortunately, this statement isn’t exactly, er, reassuring:

Peter Hitchens and the Discovery by Liberal Elites of the Underclass They Created (Debate: Who Is In Charge)

(h/t to Every Day Reggie) Mail Online has this great commentary by Peter Hitchens (whom I recommend his book highly):

Police water cannon and plastic bullets? After 50 years of the most lavish welfare state on earth? What an abject failure

Bitter laughter is my main response to the events of the past week. You are surprised by what has happened? Why? I have been saying for years that it was coming, and why it was coming, and what could be done to stop it.

I have said it in books, in articles, over lunch and dinner tables with politicians whose lips curled with lofty contempt.

So yes, I am deeply sorry for the innocent and gentle people who have lost lives, homes, businesses and security. Heaven knows I have argued for years for the measures that might have saved them.

But I am not really very sorry for the elite liberal Londoners who have suddenly discovered what millions of others have lived with for decades.

The mass criminality in the big cities is merely a speeded-up and concentrated version of life on most large estates – fear, intimidation, cruelty, injustice, savagery towards the vulnerable and the  different, a cold sneer turned towards any plea for pity, the awful realisation that when you call for help from the authorities, none  will come.

Just look and see how many shops are protected with steel shutters, how many homes have bars on their windows. This is not new.

As the polluted flood (it is not a tide; it will not go back down again) of spite, greed and violence washes on to their very doorsteps, well-off and influential Left-wingers at last meet the filthy thing they have created, and which they ignored when it did not affect them personally.

No doubt they will find ways to save themselves. But they will not save the country. Because even now they will not admit that all their ideas are wrong, and that the policies of the past 50 years – the policies they love – have been a terrible mistake. I have heard them in the past few days clinging to their old excuses of non-existent ‘poverty’ and ‘exclusion’.

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