Behind The Crazy Headlines Trump Is Winning!

We’re back to the media cycle of a Trump

“bombshell” every 2-3 days to create a permanent

crisis news effect. But it’s all noise.

L E G A L  I N S U R R E C T I O N

All the fervor of hatred — really just people emoting on Trumps personality and how they don’t like it — is helping the conservative agenda win, in bigger leaps and bounds since Reagan. Keep it up Dems, you are helping us! Everyone will be talking about Steve Bannon. Good.

Rush Limbaugh reads some points made in this article by a left leaning columnist at Politico, warning his compatriots that the MSM and comedy shows railing on Trump’s buttons, hair, and other Tweets and misspoken points… much is being passed. Here is the article headline and link:

  • 55 Ways Donald Trump Structurally Changed America in 2017: These are the concrete actions his administration has taken to alter how the country works. (NEW YORK MAGAZINE)
  • 138 Things Trump Did This Year While You Weren’t Looking: Behind the crazy headlines, more conservative priorities got pushed through than most people realize. An exhaustive list of what really happened to the government in 2017. (POLITICO)