Chris Pratt’s “9 Rules”

I just wanna say, Chris is my kinds guy. He talks about the important things in life. God and Hygiene.

“Actor Chris Pratt accepted the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards show’s Generation Award and delivered a powerful and moving speech to the young audience that was sorely needed. Taped on June 16, the show was broadcast June 18 and Pratt’s speech alone was worth slogging through the rest of the show.”

“Pratt is known as a man of faith, a rarity in Hollywood. He happily accepted the responsibility as “their elder” to deliver a comedic message of hope and inspiration to the audience. He combined some basic messages about life in something he called ‘9 Rules from Chris Pratt, Generation Award Winner.'”

“The rules led off with some basics like remembering to breathe and to serve others. He reminded the MTV audience that they have a soul and to be careful with it. He veered off into some silliness for levity and then he let them have his testimony. He told them that God is real and that He loves them. He spoke about grace and said, ‘Like the freedom that we enjoy in this country, that grace was paid for with somebody else’s blood.’ That was probably the last thing I expected to hear while tuning into MTV….”


Halloween is RACIST! Social Justice Warriors/MTV Explain Why

Just when you thought joyless, whining social justice warriors couldn’t possibly ruin anything else, they’ve now set their sights on Halloween. (H/T to Gateway Pundit)

Gay Patriot comments well on the above PC Police stopping “cultural appropriation”

…Another sanctimonious leftist advises on how to lecture people whose costumes are politically incorrect.

  • Among all the tricks and treats, cultural appropriation is an undeniable problem this time of year.

By “undeniable problem” she means “irresistible opportunity for moralistic preening by social leftists.” In this case, she recommends cornering those whose costumes are deemed “offensive” and delivering a stern lecture on the sin of “cultural appropriation.”

“Cultural Appropriation” is a term created by sanctimonious social leftists to attack white people who enjoy partaking of non-white, non-European culture. White entertainers that incorporate elements of African, Caribbean, or Asian influences into their art and music: jazz, for example or Kabuki-inspired costumes, are guilty of cultural appropriation. Note that “Cultural Appropriation” only goes one way; to suggest that Africans should not attempt “white European art” such as ballet or classical music would be racism. “Cultural appropriation” has been extended by the sanctimonious social left to condemn colleges that serve tacos on campus and people who dress up as ninjas or bandidos for Halloween.

In reality, “cultural appropriation” is something privileged leftists made up to lord over other people because they have no real problems and no real morality. There’s also an element of the Baby Boom Left — for whom race sensitivity rivals only hyper-environmentalism as their religion of choice — that needs to keep their pieties from dying out in the Next Generation; even as racism becomes culturally and socially irrelevant.

(“The original cultural appropriators” ~ GP):

MTV townhall question goes unanswered

From HotAir:

Nathan Martin spoke up at the MTV town-hall forum to ask President Obama why he has intervened to stop Arizona from enforcing immigration law but has yet to intervene to stop California from flouting federal law on marijuana. Martin is actually a member of the Salem family; he works as an associate producer on Bill Bennett’s nationally-syndicated Morning in America radio show.


Here’s what Obama didn’t answer. He didn’t answer why, if he wants to “work with states,” he’s suing Arizona for enforcing the existing law and claiming federal pre-emption. Obama also didn’t answer why his administration has yet to claim federal pre-emption in drug enforcement while California and other states actually help violate federal laws. Whether or not the latter is good policy, it’s entirely contradictory. The federal government has a much clearer case on pre-emption for states with medical-marijuana laws than it does with a state trying to enforce laws.

That wasn’t the end of the misdirection, either. Conservatives who want border control have no problem going after employers who “exploit” illegal immigrants. No one is saying that enforcement should exclude employment verification. That’s why conservatives pushed the e-Verify system, which got opposition from open-borders advocates. And Obama may be spending more money on border enforcement in general — deportations are up, for instance — but he and his party blocked the funding for the common-sense solution of a border barrier, which proved so effective in California that it shifted the problems of illegal entry and violence to Arizona.

Martin asked a good question. All he got in response was sloganeering.

A Conversation with President Obama on MTV