Jason Whitlock Discusses BLM’s/Left’s Anti-Christianity

Jason Whitlock:This has been the intent from Black Lives Matter from the very beginning. We’re seeing it reshape right before our eyes the hostility toward Christianity is overtaking the sports world and Kurt Beathard is paying the price… It’s a calculated, not an organic deal. This has been underway for years… You’ve got to usher out God to usher in immorality.”

Baseball and American Culture

40-years ago this week:

Baseball MLB Rick Monday Saves Flag 695 Color

Rick Monday was honored by throwing out the first pitch at Monday’s game at Chavez Ravine for arguably the greatest save in Dodgers Stadium history.

What, you say, Monday was an outfielder? And why would he be credited with a save?

Forty years ago on April 25, Monday was playing centerfield for the Cubs in a game against the Dodgers.

The game turned from an ordinary early season game into one with high drama when two people suddenly appeared in the outfield at Dodger Stadium.

Legendary Dodgers announcer Vin Scully said, “”It looks like he’s going to burn a flag!”

One had an American flag. The other, lighter fluid and was planning on burning Old Glory. This was an act Monday, who served in the Marine Corps, was not about to let happen….

The scoreboard operator was swift at the button, punching up: “Rick Monday — €”You Made a Great Play.”…

A Rangers Fan Falls From the Third Deck (UPDATE: Second Deck)

The fall is not shown/caught on camera, and the quality of the filming isn’t good either, but the reaction from the players, crowd, and officials still comes through:

Fan falls from second deck during Rangers game

A scary scene occurred Tuesday night during the game between the Texas Rangers and Cleveland Indians at Rangers stadium as a male fan fell from the second deck after attempting to catch a foul ball hit by outfielder Nelson Cruz.

The fan fell from Section 235, hit the railing on the suite level, and landed on the first base side of the lower deck level. The drop estimated at about 30 feet. He was taken to a local Texas Hospital.

The fan landed on four other people who were also injured. Those people however were treated by the paramedics at the ballpark.

According to Rangers team President Nolan Ryan, the fan responded fine to paramedics and is able to move his most of his body. Ryan also said that the other four fans that were injured are in stable condition.