There Is No Evidence For The Resurrection (DEBUNKED)

There is no evidence for the Resurrection, right? There are no facts that support Jesus rising from the dead, correct? The story is only a fairy tale made up by a few people a long time ago, right? Watch this DeBunked video and get the hard facts.


Good reasons to believe that Jesus rose from the dead. Arguing from accepted historical facts and evidence to the logical conclusion of the resurrection. Please share this content.

How do skeptics respond to the evidential case for the resurrection of Jesus? We will look at Bart Ehrman, Dan Barker, Richard Carrier, Sam Harris, Dan Barker, and Matt Dillahunty. If you pay attention to what these guys say then you can see that they don’t actually try to come up with reasonable explanations of the evidence. Instead they tend to attack the idea of miracles or say that belief in the resurrection is the same as belief in some other miracle claims which don’t have evidence like the resurrection does. I find these tactics very revealing.

Is Critical Race Theory (CRT) Biblical? (DeBunked)


It’s everywhere! Critical Race Theory. But what is it – really? And more importantly, is it based on biblical principles and teachings as many progressive pastors and woke influencers try to tell us? Well – here’s our answer – DeBunked style.