Best Vandalism EVA! Soviet Era Soldiers Turned Into Superheroes

On June 17, 2011 the monument was painted overnight by a group of anonymous artists who call themselves Destructive Creation and who “dressed” the Soviet Army soldiers as the American popular culturecharacters: Superman, Joker, Robin, Captain America, Ronald McDonald, Santa Claus, Wolverine, The Mask, and Wonder Woman.

A caption was painted underneath which translates as “Abreast with the Times” (in Bulgarian “V krak s vremeto”, literally “In pace with time”) ~ WIKI

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  • The Monument to the Soviet Army (Bulgarian: Паметник на Съветската армия, Pametnik na Savetskata armia) is a monument located in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. There is a large park around the statue and the surrounding areas. It is a popular place where many young people gather. The monument is located on Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard, near Orlov Most and the Sofia University. It portrays a soldier from the Soviet Army as a freedom fighter…

“Freedom” fighter my ass!

Another vandalism took place on the anniversary of the of the Prague spring. There was an inscription both in Bulgarian and in Czech which read “Bulgaria apologizes.”

Apologizes for what? I asked.

On 21 August 1968, armies of five Warsaw Pact countries – the Soviet Union, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and East Germany – invaded Czechoslovakia to crush democratic reforms known as the Prague spring. One hundred and eight people were killed with 500 seriously injured.

Bulgaria, an ally of the Soviet Union for decades, was the first country to call for the invasion and the last one to formally apologise for its participation, in 1990.


Here are some “arresting” pictures from this event that took place before I was born, and were the early ruminations of the fall of the Soviet Empire. [Unfortunately, many of these Warsaw Pact countries kept some form of socialism, slowing or stagnating their potential free-market capabilities.]:

Clash of Culture Reaches Bulgaria

Hat Tip, Worldwide Liberty. It looks like there was a mix of people finally fed up with the loud speaker blaring five times the day in their town/city and the large sit-ins taking over the streets. Not only are there regular citizens, but also some nationalists… unfortunately. In other video you can see that the agitating group is small and are most probably a racist group. That being said, when you invade one culture to the extent Islam does without adopting said culture, there is a backlash of sorts. Actions taken by the citizenry [good or bad] to stem the tide of Islamofascism is a net good and is preferable to Sharia. For example, the Crusades were not the best of political or religious operations to say the least of them, however, they did stop the spread of Islam similar to America and Europe stopping the spread of Communism during the cold war (WWIII). [Which is why Podhoretz calls this war WWIV.] Here is the desription from the video linked:

Muslim prayer is blasted across a European Christian Capital. This is Sofia Bulgaria and the Sofians have had enough of Islamists not sticking with praying in their mosques. They behave as if 2011 is medieval Ottoman Empire where Christians were slaves under dhimmitude where public life was a religious Apartheid Society favoring Muslims over everyone.

Public Space should be respected, but these Islamists show none of it, also instead of praying inside the mosque, they pray outside to take over the street, like they have taken over streets in European capitals like Paris, Moscow where Islamic considerations trump public space for all. In Paris Islamists have their thugs enforcing their takeover of the street and the police just stands there n take it, not enforcing the established laws.

Well, these Bulgarians have had it, unfortunate that the police and politicians don’t fix things, corrupts SOBs, so the spotlight is taken by the loudest far right groups who are then used by the Islamists to try to ridicule all criticism as “racist” and “hooligan” as if it’s racist to say public space belongs to all, not only to muslims? Bulgarians in vid tear apart a Turkish Fez, head dress for the evil Ottoman Turks. Give Kurds basic rights before you say anything about Bulgaria!

Bring an end to Islamic Apartheidism! No special rights for muslims! No dhimmitude and effendis! No tolerance for the fundamentalists!

You have to understand a bit the history as well in a few of these countries. These were havens of sorts for the Dhimmi of years past. So they have a natural aversion to extremism:

After 1453, the Muslim Ottoman Empire in Turkey tolerated religious differences. Jewish and Christian communities existed in great numbers, and were allowed to establish their own community governments, their religious heads being responsible to the Sultan for the behavior of the community. However, the Islamic principle of Dhimmi prevented their full equal treatment with Muslim citizens. With the coming of Islamic “ethnic-religious nationalism” in the 19th century, the safety of these minorities was further compromised, and most fled to newly-established nation-states like Armenia, Bulgaria, and Greece, leaving modern Turkey 99% Muslim. In the 1920’s women were granted the right to vote, Islamic dress was banned, and Turkey began its romance with Western progress.

(Islam Watch)

There seems to be a deep root of radicalism as well that have led to whole mosques being raided and many arrests (see embedded story in graphic at top of page). There is more to this story as well, that is, forced conversion to Islam. Jihad Watch writes,

And aggressive Islamization, “no compulsion in religion” (Qur’an 2:256) notwithstanding. “Bulgaria MP Yanev: Numerous Southern Villages Are Converted to Islam by Force,” from Novinite (Sofia News Agency), March 3 (thanks to Twostellas):

Despite Bulgaria’s European Union membership, some regions of the country need a second liberation from Ottoman yoke, the Bulgarian Member of the Parliament (MP), Yane Yanev, stated, cited by the Bulgarian news agency, BGNES.

Yanev, who is the leader of the opposition “Order, Law, Justice” Party (RZS) spoke Monday in Blagoevgrad as reported by the local BGNES correspondent.

The leaders of RZS visited Monday several villages in Southern Bulgaria to meet with alarmed teachers and parents, who have presented concrete evidence of the imposed conversion to fundamentalist Islam in the region.

The example of the village of Ribnovo, in the Gurmen municipality, has been presented as the most striking one. In Ribnovo, the school principal, Feim Issa, had imposed full dictatorship on the teaching staff, forcing them to wear traditional Muslim clothes, and encouraging female student to the same. Issa has been illegally appointed as principal with help of the local mosque’s leaders and is actively supporting the religion teacher at the school, Murat Boshnak. Boshnak is, reportedly, an individual with suspicious past and unclear educational background. He is not holding even a Bulgarian high school diploma, but has graduated from a religious school in Skopje, Macedonia. Ribnovo residents allege that Boshnak has specialized in Saudi Arabia and is forcefully making parents to sign requests for their children to study the Islam. He is also demanding that children address him as “aga’ instead of “gospodin” (Mister), had prohibited girls from attending the last prom in civil attire and issued a ban on celebrations. Boshnak later organized a trip to Turkey with funds from an Arab foundation. Only one girl had attended the prom. Parents, who refuse to follow the fundamentalist rules, are being cursed during services in the local mosque.

…(read more)…

So with that in mind, watch the following video with a bit more understanding.

Christians and Muslims clash in downtown Sofia

A female Member of Parliament was hit in the head by a rock thrown from Muslims in front of a Mosque, during a protest Friday. Patriot groups staged a rally against Muslims blaring the call-to-prayer five times a day over loudspeakers.

Violent clashes begin at 50 seconds mark.

The news report is in Bulgarian, of course. But it’s pretty easy to catch the gist of the events.