Democrat Rep. Brian Higgins a 9/11 Truther?

  • Either he is so disconnected from society that he has never heard of this theory;
  • or, he was playing politics and being “ecumenical,” the empty suit;
  • or, he truly believed that all views are equivocable and should be looked at, looked into equally.

ALL of the above means he is a weeny!

Libertarian Republican has this awful story of modern radicalism that blames the U.S. for 9/11. And as usual, the radical nature of this belief is not manifested in a radio host, a reporter, but an official [as usual] who represents the Democratic Party. Here is the story:

Muhammed Attah and his gang of merry Muslim warriors didn’t really fly those jets into the Twin Towers… That’s just fantasy don’t ya know… It was really those evil Republicans in the Bush Administration!!


Who the hell is this guy? Most certainly a backbencher of the Democrat backbench. 

Meet Democrat Rep. Brian Higgins.  If you’ve never heard of him, relax, nobody else has either. But he may have just made a name for himself by becoming a spokesman of sorts for the Truther movement, and aligning himself with the theory that maybe “Muslims didn’t do it” after all. 

Watch and be horrified as he agrees with a caller that evidence that Muhammed Attah and the other 18 Muslim hijackers may not have flown those jets into the Twin Towers.  Perhaps it was the… drum roll please… BUSH ADMINISTRATION!!!