Jake Tapper Grills White House on `Cynical` Gay Marriage Dodge, ABC Ignores

From the video description:

ABC News correspondent Jake Tapper on Monday grilled the White House press secretary over Barack Obama’s position on gay marriage and whether he will change his stance after the 2012 election. Tapper dismissed the President’s 17 month “evolution” on the topic as “cynical.” Yet, the ABC network skipped any coverage of his questions.

Islamic Compassion vs American Compassion

Creeping Sharia h/t

The Great Satan. Evil infidel invaders. Heroes! Hat tip to Blackfive, and a belated Veterans Day thank you, via Why We Fight:

The ABC story makes Ayesha’s story sound like a miracle happened. Maybe it did. But it took a lot of people to get her here. Check that.

It took a lot of AMERICANS to get her here.

To see the cover of Time Magazine spoken of here, see: “Islamic College in California~Co-Founder Called for Jihad On 82nd Airborn“: