Rubio Blasts Jay-Z, Says His Hero (Che Guevara) ~ “White Supremacist”

Via Libertarian Republican:

One of his [JayZ’s] heroes is Che Guevara. Che Guevara was a racist. Che Guevara was a racist that wrote extensively about the superiority of white Europeans over people of African descent, so he should inform himself on the guy that he’s propping up.

“Secondly, I think if Jay-Z was truly interested in the true state of affairs in Cuba, he would have met people that are being oppressed, including a hip-hop artist in Cuba who is right now being oppressed and persecuted and is undergoing a hunger strike because of his political lyrics,” Rubio added.

“And I think he missed an opportunity. But that’s Jay-Z’s issue.”

A HIGHLY recommended book: