Ready the Defenses ~ Australias `Hottest Days`?

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No doubt we will hear how the current heatwaves in Australia are “unprecedented” and evidence of dangerous man-made global warming.

They are neither “global” nor “unprecedented”.

In the great heatwave of 1896, with nearly 200 deaths, the temperature at Bourke did not fall below 45.6 degC (114.08 fahrenheit) for six weeks, and the maximum was 53.3 degC (127.94 degF). Bushfires raged throughout NSW and 66 people perished in the heat.

In 1897, Perth had an 18 day heatwave with a record of 43.3 degC (109.94 degF). Other heatwaves were reported at Winton, 1891, Melbourne 1892, Boulia 1901, Sydney 1903, Perth 1906 and so on.

Why don’t we hear of these severe heatwaves from the past? Simple – the government Bureau of Meteorology conveniently ignores all temperature records before 1910.

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Real Science adds to this with actual newspaper articles!? These guys LOVE their work on their blogs… and I LOVE their dedication to truth!

January, 1896 : Another Station On The Darling River Hit 130 Degrees

January, 1896 – Darling River Had 13 Days Over 120 Degrees (link in PIC)