Post-Debate Musings via Russell Brand (Plus Rogan & Dore)

Tucker Notices Something About The Debate No One Noticed

Are the Dems now trying to replace Biden? Was it always the plan?


Joe Rogan And Jimmy Dore Laugh At The Media’s Coverage Of President Joe Biden

Via – KanekoaTheGreat 》》Joe Rogan and Jimmy Dore laugh at the media’s coverage of President Joe Biden following his disastrous debate performance.

@joerogan: “When you see Biden, ‘We beat Medicare.’ And they go, thank you, Mr. President. How is that real? The guy locks up like Windows 95, stammers for 15 seconds, and then says we beat Medicare.”

@jimmy_dore: “No one has ever loved Joe Biden. He’s always been a joke and a punch line. And the idea that this is somehow Joe Biden’s truth-telling against Donald Trump. The first time Joe Biden ran for president, he had to drop out because he was exposed for being a pathological liar. He said he graduated at the top of his class. He graduated at the bottom. He said he had three majors. He said he was chosen as the most outstanding in his class. It was all lies. And then he got caught plagiarizing their speeches and their life story. Who does that?”

@joerogan: “Did I ever tell you about the Joe Biden night we had at Stitches Comedy Club in 1988? I would go on stage and do your act, and you would do my act [because he’s a plagiarist]. It was an open mockery that he was a known plagiarist in 1988.”

@jimmy_dore: “I had to tell Cornell West this when he was on my show. Hey, the reason why black and brown people are locked up at way higher rates is because of Joe Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill. Not because of Donald Trump. Donald Trump actually passed the First Step Act, which is probably why he’s getting 20% of the black vote right now. So, you’re right. All of their narratives are falling apart.”


That Moment She Realized Her Hero Doesn’t Like Black People

Others in the rally don’t like her as well? She is at the wrong rally!