Nashville Trans School Shooter Manifesto Leaked! (Steven Crowder)

With all the stuff happening in the world, there are still domestic items that are important that discussion of is forgotten about. Like the still ignoring of the Russian Collusion Hoax and the DOJ going after those who exposed it. The anti-Semitism in Congress, etc… there are still ball bouncing our eyes should be on. Here is one:Louder With Crowder [Steven Crowder] is the first to reoprt on the leaked “trans shooter manifesto.”



  • Today, we present to you the latest groundbreaking exposé from Mug Club Undercover! Join us for the very first look at excerpts from the Nashville Covenant School shooter’s manifesto. We’ve been granted exclusive access. We’re going line-by-line!

Here is the show, I start it past the long opener:

Nashville Trans School Shooter Manifesto Leaked!

I did play with a page… and the reason for it is that where school districts have the right for teachers to conceal carry, by district — conservative school districts allow it, lefty districts do not. Nationally, it is typically Democrats fighting the move for more armed safety in schools: