More FISA Abuse by The FBI!

BREAKING: New allegations the FBI overstepped its authority conducting investigations against American citizens, and not just a few times, we’re talking in the hundreds of thousands of times. “This court document released just a few hours ago found that the FBI misused a popular digital surveillance tool (Sec 702, FISA) on everyday Americans more than 278,000 times between 2020 and 2021.” “[FISA] gives the FBI and other intelligence agencies the ability to digitally surveil without a court order or a warrant.” “They [spied] on J6 protestors… even political donors (including over 19,000 donors to a congressional campaign).”

Kevin McCarthy Speaks Out after FBI Caught Improperly Using FISC Searches 278,000 Times in 2021. This video file is with thanks to GATEWAY PUNDIT’s Rumble, here is more information on the issue for those in search:

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