Lisa Page Admits “Insurance Policy” Linked To Investigation

She all but admits that “the insurance policy” was an investigation. Our benighted heroes. Remember, no one on Trump’s team was colluding with Russia… but she thought so (and maybe still does) at the time? Or this was merely a cover-up (CYA) moment:

Stating that the infamous “insurance policy” text exchange was not hers but Strzok’s, Page explained it as an “analogy.”

“We’re talking about whether or not we should take certain investigative steps or not based on the likelihood that he’s going to be president or not,” she said. “You have to keep in mind, if President Trump doesn’t become president, the national security risk if there is somebody in his campaign associated with Russia, plummets.”

“So, don’t just hope that he’s not going be elected and therefore not press forward with the investigation hoping, but rather press forward with the investigation just in case he does get in there,” Maddow clarified, earning an “exactly” from the former FBI lawyer.