Liberal Inconsistencies~HAMAS

Libertarian Republican has a post that got me thinking.Since liberal Democrats (progressives) got these radical chieftains voted in by “poo-pooing” the Republicans concerns about Hamasd and the Palestinians, you get to see how illiberal these “liberals” really are:

According to the Telegraph, “Gaza’s elected Islamist rulers crack down on secular community” the List of some activities now banned by Hamas in Gaza, include:

1. Novels it deems offensive to Islam
2. Bars
3. Cinemas
4. Women walking outside in Western clothes
5. Male hairdressersFrom the Telegraph:
In recent years, hardliners have burned down the cinemas. Their charred remains are still visible in Gaza City. Militants blew up the last bar in 2005.

Gaza women, whose attire once varied from Western pants and skirts to colourful traditional embroidered robes, began donning ankle-length loose robes.And don’t even dare walking outside with your wife without the correct documentation.


Today, plainclothes officers sometimes halt couples in the streets, demanding to see marriage licenses.

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Talk about an inconvenient truth.

…After all the furor over alleged racist signs or words at Tea Party rallies, the media is ignoring the shocking fact that 12 of the 25 groups endorsing Delaware Democrat Chris Coons for the United States Senate over Republican Christine O’Donnell have turned up on the quite official list of the “One Nation Working Together” rally — as formal co-sponsors with supporters of the terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas. And, no kidding, the Communist Party.

Did I mention the Coons 12 are also holding hands with the International Socialist Organization? Plus the Democratic Socialists of America?

You read that right.

And Chris Coons is not the only Democrat receiving this same election support either.

Which groups is Coons accepting endorsements from, knowing full well the same groups have deliberately and quite publicly tied themselves to supporters of terrorism, Communism and socialism?

That would be these groups:

Communications Workers of America
Planned Parenthood
People for the American Way
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers
Stonewall Democrats
United Food and Commercial Workers International Union
National Education Association
Human Rights Campaign

All to be found hidden in plain sight on both the official listing of sponsors provided by the One Nation Working Together rally organizers listed here and then over here as part of the 25 groups endorsing Chris Coons supplied by the official Coons for Senate website. Twelve of Coons endorsers — that would be one shy of half — signed onto the recent rally that listed the Communist Party USA as a co-sponsor. And ANSWER, the radical supporters of Hezbollah and Hamas. And the International Socialists. And the Democratic Socialists.

All of this — and not a peep, not one peep — from the media. CNN’s Howard Kurtz still maintains that Coons’ “Bearded Marxist” self-description was some sort of college prank that Sean Hannity somehow got wrong?  Hello? Earth to Howard.

Let’s take a look at these groups the Coons campaign supporters have linked themselves to and which the media simply isn’t reporting. Let’s see what they believe and what others have said about them.

ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism): Here’s what the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has to say about the charming folks at ANSWER who have been holding hands with The Coons 12. ANSWER  has “repeatedly expressed support for terrorist groups determined to dismantle the state of Israel, including Hamas and Hezbollah.

Got that? Hamas and Hezbollah. Groups sworn to the destruction of Israel. Terrorists responsible for who knows how many repeated and extraordinarily violent and murderous attacks killing Israeli men, women and children.

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Code Pink Democrats Aid and Abet Terrorists, Obama and the Democrat Party

House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn (SC)  recently accused Republicans of “aiding and abetting terrorism” because of their support for the Tea Party movement. With all due respect, Rep. Clyburn needs to clean out his own party first before he has standing to say anything on the subject.

Top Democrat Party activists Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin, through their group Code Pink, have spent the past eight years terrorizing soldiers, their families and public officials on the homefront while working with terrorists and state sponsors of terrorism abroad. Rather than being condemned and disowned, Code Pink is embraced by President Barack Obama and leading Democrats while being celebrated by the media.

The Code Pink Democrats have harassed wounded soldiers and their families at military hospitals in Washington, D.C. and San Diego; they have repeatedly targeted military recruiting centers for abuse; they cruelly taunted the children of military families at a White House Halloween party; they have terrorized government officials at their homes and they have led a campaign for the kidnapping of former President Bush and his wife Laura (for this they enlisted the support of the Muslim Brotherhood).

Abroad, the Code Pink Democrats have worked with state sponsors of terrorism including the governments of Saddam Hussein, Cuba’s Castro brothers, Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Syria’s Bashar Assad as well as the anti-American governments of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega and Bolivia’s Evo Morales.

In December 2008, the Code Pink Democrats led a shoe throwing protest in front of the White House to celebrate an incident in Baghdad when an Iraqi “journalist” threw his shoes at President George W. Bush. This encouragement of violence against Bush was a propaganda bouquet by the Code Pink Democrats to their terrorist allies aroud the world.

These Code Pink Democrats have also worked with terrorists including Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, Sunni terrorists in Iraq and the father of Islamic terrorism: the Muslim Brotherhood. The Code Pink Democrats have bragged about giving cash and humanitarian aid to terrorists who target Americans, Israelis and free Iraqis.

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