No Labels in fact labeled

The good stuff starts at about 4:40:


The event featured appearances by a number of Democratic politicians: Villaraigosa, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, and retiring Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh. For some reason, most of the Republicans who showed up were recently defeated officeholders: South Carolina Rep. Bob Inglis, Delaware Rep. Mike Castle, and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist. God knows why a group devoted to principle above politics would invite the opportunistic Crist to speak, but No Labels did.

The events were moderated by MSNBC personalities Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Dylan Ratigan, and Michael Smerconish. If Fox News seemed to be associated with the Tea Party, then No Labels was an MSNBC affair….

Marooned in Marin picked up this story as well, and here I post some commentary by Marin:

But when you look at the people involved in No Labels, all you have to do is say “liberal.” Michael Bloomberg, Kristen Gillibrand, Charlie Crist, Mike Castle. All joined by alleged conservatives like David Brooks, Joe Scarboring and the contemptable David Frum.

Nice Deb even compares the mission statements of No Labels with the failed Coffee Party.

So what is No Labels? It is liberalism trying to reinvent itself. And wouldn’t you know? The cries about “hyperpartisanship” always happen when conservatism (via the Tea Party) is on the rise and stands up against liberalism.

I’m not fooled for a minute.