Joe Scarborough Laughs At McCain’s Obvious Flip-Flop

Crooks and Liars points out McCain’s voting record (New video file from HUFF-POP)

More from Media Matters on McCain’s flip-flopping on this issue. New Pro-Fence Ad From McCain Leaves Out His Anti-Fence Voting Record:

In a new pro-border fence ad, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) converses with Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu about border security measures. McCain conveniently leaves out his anti-border security funding votes and his anti-fence statements from this new, misleading ad.

  • 2006: McCain Voted AGAINST Providing $85 Million And 800 New Staff For Immigration Investigation.
  • 2006: McCain Voted AGAINST Providing Additional Funds To Build A Border Fence On Southwest Border.
  • 2006: McCain Said Putting National Guard At Border Is “Partially PR.”
  • 2003 McCain: “We Can’t Secure Our Borders. We Can Never Build An Impenetrable Wall To The North And South Of Us.”
  • 2003: McCain Said Border Couldn’t Be Fully Protected Because Good Jobs Would Continue To Drive Illegal Immigration.