Jerry Kane’s Son (Joseph Kane) Opens Fire On and Kills Police Officer With An AK

I wrote on this earlier,”More To The Memphis Shooting Than Meets the Eye… Father/Son Team Die.” I was assailed by a few nutters and even had my video pulled from my YouTube account, but, there are gazillions of the copies of that first video all over the place now. (God I love freedom of speech and the internet!) So during some of my conversations, it was said that no way could these “upstanding citizens” of these United States have started shooting first. I said it was them who opened fire first. As usual in these debates with whack jobs, I am exonerated. Here is one discussion I had via my YouTube:

…his wife [Jerry Kane’s wife] watched a rifle being pulled from the van, while the cops used no gloves. usually if they use no gloves it is because there is no crime scene or it was planted to show video footage there was a gun….

Conspiracy after conspiracy. This non-linear thinking is killing our generation and Western culture which thrives on logic. At any rate, here is the recently released video: