It Turns Out FoxNews Doesn’t Control Republicans ~ Cue Gnashing of Teeth

To be fair, the gnashing will be coming from both sides. Here is how one left leaning person put it on my FB:boombenghazi

  • Funny how Faux News has nothing on this report. Curious to see what crackhead Megyn Kelly has to say about this.

This was my response:

I am at Wolf Creek right now [the Brewery], but I was at work. You can always post stuff like that on my timeline with something like: “hey, I don’t know if you saw this, but the Repubs are shooting down some theories that the media ~ read here Fox ~ have been putting forward. What are your thoughts when you get the time?”

That way you are being approachable as well as putting the onus on me to back up some of what I previously thought. Just some tips on being strategic in your challenges.

 Another right-leaning person on a friends FB said this:

  • I don’t care what the Times says happened or not. All they care about is clearing Hillary.

My response to a compatriot:

Trust me, Trey Gowdy is not about “clearing” Hillary.

If we cannot admit evidence into a debate that counter’s our position — at all — we are merely a clanging bell. It is one reason I reject neo-Darwinism as well as conspiracy theories… they can never be wrong.

Much to the dismay and with gnashing of teeth, liberals have to acknowledge that Fox News does not control (insert evil laughter *here*) Republicans.

Trey Gowdy, the “bulldog of justice” in the House and a V E R Y conservative member of the House led the two year investigation. While I was thinking there was more to the story, Rep. Gowdy had WAY more information and evidence and eyewitness testimony than Fox News or others in the blogosphere had (obviously). So Rep. Gowdy being a “bulldog” came to a fair decision for sure, putting to rest my own pet-theories. Here is National Review:

A two-year investigation by the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee has found that the CIA and the military acted properly in responding to the 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, and asserted no wrongdoing by Obama administration appointees. . . .

The investigation of the politically charged incident determined that there was no intelligence failure, no delay in sending a CIA rescue team, no missed opportunity for a military rescue, and no evidence the CIA was covertly shipping arms from Libya to Syria.

In response to accusations that the administration misled the American public in the days following the Benghazi attack by blaming events on a spontaneous protest against a YouTube video:

In the immediate aftermath of the attack, intelligence about who carried it out and why was contradictory, the report found. That led Susan Rice, then U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, to inaccurately assert that the attack had evolved from a protest, when in fact there had been no protest. But it was intelligence analysts, not political appointees, who made the wrong call, the committee found. The report did not conclude that Rice or any other government official acted in bad faith or intentionally misled the American people….

What Trey Gowdy knows is the “bad faith” is something meant more for contract law/legal matters. Not the Benghazi issue in the House. Here is the conclusion of the report:

Concluding Paragraph

This report is the result of nearly two years of intensive investigation. The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence reviewed thousands of pages of intelligence assessments, cables, notes, and emails; held 20 Committee events and hearings; and conducted detailed interviews with senior intelligence officials and eyewitnesses to the attacks, including eight security personnel on the ground in Benghazi that night. Members and Staff spent thousands of hours intensively looking at every aspect of the tragedy. The report is therefore meant to serve as the definitive House statement on the Intelligence Community’s activities before, during and after the tragic events that caused the deaths of four brave Americans. Despite the highly sensitive nature of these activities, the report has endeavored to make the facts and conclusions within this report widely and publicly available so that the American public can separate actual fact from rumor and unsupported innuendo. Only with a full accounting of the facts can we ensure that tragedies like this one never happen again.

Again, I trust Rep. Gowdy’s attentiveness and eat crow gracefully.

I think the only activity the House should be concerned with is getting some of the 300[+] bills they wrote and passed [many with Democrats on-board and bi-partisen activity] that Harry Reid has scuttled since 2006 passed.

The IRS crime should squared away with immunity going to Lerner for info or her going to jail. Getting Obama-Care replaced and creating a better business environment in America. Black conservative voices should capitalize on the fact that unemployment in the black community is high and the fact that Obama essentially is giving the opportunity to 5-million people (the ones that will come forward will probably be about 1.5 million or so) to get legal job hiring status. THUS, bringing unemployment ~ esp. in the black community ~ higher (see here).

From this mid-term on we have to be strategic, and Benghazi is not one of those hills to die on. And TRUE liberals should be upset that all these hard-drives conveniently crashed… and as a new person was added to the list to be investigated… walla, their hard-drive crashed. The power of the government to audit political enemies was a BIG deal in the Nixon investigation. But not now? The chances of these hard-drives crashing like this would be 3,139,250-to-1:

Strategic battles, conservatives (myself included) will have to give-up pet peeves.