Gov. Ron DeSantis Moves Florida to Counter ESG


Gov. Ron DeSantis announces his plan to fight back against ESGs:

  • “We want to stop these kind of masters of the universe from trying to do through economic power what they cannot achieve at the ballot box.”


Stu explains what ESG is,

  • Glenn has warned about ESG scores — environment, social, and governance — for months now. They’re a key tenet to the Great Reset and could be used to control YOUR finances. If you have a low ESG score — due to certain purchases or investments the far-left deems ‘un-woke’ — then you could face major difficulties securing loans or other services from the world’s biggest banks. Now, Citi just announce its latest decision to move this plan one step further. Per Bloomberg, ‘Citigroup Inc. will eventually expect borrowers to have a credible plan for measuring and reducing their carbon footprint as part of the bank’s pledge to achieve net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions.’ ESG IS HERE!


An ESG “strategist” sounds off…. it seems the host wants more of it in order to really “make a dent”

  • ESG has become a buzzword on Wall Street as companies face pressure from investors to be more transparent. Christian McCormick, Allianz Global Investors senior ESG strategist, and Hal Lambert, founder and CEO of Point Bridge Capital, join “Squawk Box” to discuss.