Global Cooling Flashbacks! Including Leonard Nimoy

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In 1976, climatologists said that that global cooling caused drought and fires in California, and produced catastrophic erratic weather globally.

Climate Depot as well has a Flashback…

the United Nations in 2015, is once again issuing tipping point deadlines by which humanity must act in order to combat man-made global warming.

  • Former UN Sec. Gen. Kofi Annan: ‘We must challenge climate skeptics who deny the facts’ – Warns of ‘tipping point’ – Touts carbon taxes – ‘World is reaching the tipping point beyond which climate change may become irreversible.’

May 2015 is also the deadline for another 2007 UN climate tipping point.

But as far back as 1989, the UN was issuing ‘tipping points’ that have now long since expired. The UN claimed in 1989 that the world had to act to solve global warming by the year 2000 — or else!

As early as 1989, the UN was already trying to sell their “tipping point” rhetoric on the public. See: U.N. Warning of 10-Year ‘Climate Tipping Point’ Began in 1989 – Excerpt: According to July 5, 1989, article in the Miami Herald, the then-director of the New York office of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Noel Brown, warned of a “10-year window of opportunity to solve” global warming….

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