Gay, Che Wearing T-Shirt Guy Asked About Irony

From the video description:

  • “Providence RI pride festival brings people expressing their way how gays should… One guy expressed a Che shirt. Che murdered gay people. Ironic much?”

Not only did he kill gays… but the gay “Che” guy responded about not wanting a ruling class to tell him what to wear. Um… he does know that uniforms of the same color and quality are given to all the “comrades” to make them “equal,” right? In fact, the only people with differing uniforms are the ruling class. What an ass-hat. See my main post on CHE/CASTRO.

Here is Will Witt from Prager U discussing the Che Cafe on UCSD’s campus…

What could be more disgraceful than to wear a Che Guevara shirt? He was a bully, rapist, murderer, thug, sociopath, communist, socialist, totalitarian, racist, and jailer of gays.