Friday Fodder ~ From Indigenous Bridge Builders to Mischievous Cats Ending with Balloon Babies

“It Is Requested That You Maintain a Level Of Silence and Respect!”:

A Murmuration:

Moral of the Story? Don’t Lift a Dogs Tail:

Living Bridges:

A Smack on the Ass Does It Every Time:

A Vietnam Era Fly-By:

A Digital LEGO Clock:

A Great Homemade Costume:

A Halloween Seat:

Painful Childs Play:

Kitty Blame game:

Celebrating with the Wrong Teammate:

Crowd Yells “OLE” for Evasive Dog:

Man’s Best Friend Helps Calm Baby:

Tanning Bed Prank:

Mom’s Wasting My Time! (Very Cute):

7-Foot Tall Model:

Ping-Pong Fail:


Balloon Baby – Stop Motion: