Faux News Tonight! Newt Gets a Piece of Chris Wallace; and the Crowd Lets Byron York Know Their Dissatisfaction with Bachmann`s Question


With auto pilot programs of unfunded liabilities and overspending that are bankrupting America… this fascination with faith and gay marriage (while important… however… we all pretty much know where the candidates fall on many of these issues) is sickening! I want to hear what these candidates will do to really try and lead the country into FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY. RESPONSIBILITY. Questions like the above and below are asinine! Newt answered it well with his Reagan reference, and the crowd let Byron York know he was a joke! (Mind you Michele answered well, but this is a question better asked of a theologian, not a politician.) Was I watching MSNBC with Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, and Keith Olbermann all over again?