Election Integrity: von Spakovsky | Kris Kobach (Larry O’Connor Show)

This is a partial interview of Mr. von Spakovsky via the Larry O’Connor Show. I include video of the Pam Bondi presser with just a few minutes later the result of Philadelphia Democrats stopping the lawful act of viewing how ballots are processed (mark 1:05 to 4:15). Crazy! All these votes that were counted need to be recounted. And ballots that were “cured” without Republicans being close enough to observe need to be rejected. CBS PHILLY reports on the court case won:

  • PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Trump campaign has secured a win in a Philadelphia lower court Thursday morning. Poll watchers are now allowed to be within six feet of ballot counting at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, rather than the previous 20-foot perimeter.

Larry O’Connor interviewed Kris Kobach who has been involved in the political field since the G.W. Bush admin. The topic is of course the current election. Kris’ article on BREITBART are here: “Why It’s Necessary to Watch Them Count the Votes in Pennsylvania”